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Rua Francisco Alves 1058 Requião, Vila Nova de Famalicão, Braga
Vila Nova de Famalicão

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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Youth and education
General Information
The Artistic Center The House next door(A Casa ao Lado), in the development of its activities has focused a significant part of its work on the creation of a platform of projects with Institutions, Municipalities and Associations related to the area of Social and Cultural Dynamization. These projects consist of actions in the area of development of Artistic Education, Social Inclusion through Art and Urban Interventions. A Casa ao Lado is an UNESCO Club. The House next door has as its mission the support for the development of technical skills linked to the arts, through the promotion and promotion of the improvement of people's capacities. It consists of qualified human resources with experience in the arts area, namely in technical areas, and knowledgeable of the added value inherent to materials and their applications. Through contact with audiences of different age groups, groups with greater social vulnerability, with a view to facilitating the encounter and dialogue between different social groups, age, cultural, equal opportunities and strengthening social and territorial cohesion, detected the need to bring this type of knowledge and motivation to the population.  The ability, of The House next door, to convert ideas into realities and leisure is a strategy and a competitive requirement.Being The House next door, interventional with and for the Community, faced over the years with the lack of understanding of the Community towards the importance of the historical evolution of the Graphism of Man, thinking the same as urban interventions were something of the current.  In this context, the Interpretive Center of Graphics arises – Labyrinth of the Arts, one of A Casa ao Lado's Projets. The Labyrinth of the Arts aims to reinforce some of the contents covered in school curricula, introducing concepts that are usually more absent from this sphere, allowing to create lasting and stimulating bridges between school and non-school learning, in a creative and appealing way.  Is it possible to go around the world of Art History in a creative maze? Travel for different times, know customs and discover techniques kept as a secret for centuries? From Rock Art to the Art of the 19th Century. XXI, the Labyrinth of the Arts aims to be a learning space based on the development of Graphism, where artistic movements, artists, aesthetics and styles of the most diverse horizons are presented in a creative journey.  The space seeks to enhance factors such as creativity, individual expression and capacity for representation, fostering the discovery of artistic movements through theoretical explanations and practical works related to each presented season. In the artistic intervention projets, A Casa ao Lado has several Projets with the Comunity. The team of A Casa ao Lado has 4 plastic artists, 1 designer and 1 person from art and heritage. A Casa ao Lado works with private institutions, city halls, schools, cultural centers.    
Mission and Objectives

it is intended to develop and arouse the interest of the individuals involved, community in general, through accessibility and artistic experimentation, seeking to distinguish the following objectives:
• Stimulate creativity and aesthetic sensitivity;
• Promote interculturality through the arts: Awareness and knowledge of cultural practices and art forms strengthen personal and collective identities and values, contributing to promote cultural diversity.
• Promote the formation of new audiences for the appreciation of artistic manifestations: Promote activities, addressed to different audiences, of seduction and stimulation for the arts.
• Promote the integration and cooperation of the institutions of the community;
• Contribute to the fight against loneliness and isolation, through the dynamization of artistic and cultural practices;
• Foster access to culture for new audiences;
• Actively contribute to the increase in the feelings of belonging of the individual in the Community through the promotion of social ethics and cultural and artistic participation through innovative interventions and integrative and inclusive responses;
• Direct involvement in artistic and cultural experiences as active participants in the creation of brands of cultural heritage;
• Integrate young people with NEe at risk of social exclusion, through a methodology based on artistic practice;
• Enable the subject to recognize his/her as an active cultural agent through the construction of his identity;
• Intervene in the formation of the individual so that he becomes active, able to question the world and act on him;
• Develop civic awareness, by promoting citizenship and participation in the community, through a civic education to promote art and culture and the approximation of art with the community;
• Allow participants, with vulnerable socio-economic conditions, to enjoy artistic experiences making known other realities, bringing them closer to culturally different people without losing the values of equity and social equality;

Main Projects / Activities

Some of our Artistic Projets  with the Comunity
Regarding the commemorations of the Fifth Centenary of the First World Tour (2019-2022), as well as Fernão de Magalhães, also the project “A TRACE by Magalhães”, considered it possible for the Portuguese Community spread throughout the world to leave its “mark” through Community artistic interventions.
"Urban Youth" is an urban intervention project in partnership with the Youth House of Famalicão that aims to promote the encounter and dialogue between young people from 12 to 35 years, in order to strengthen social and territorial cohesion through art. In order to promote artistic activity as an instrument of economic, social and cultural development, the "Urban Youth" project also has as its objective the valorisation of urban spaces through artistic interventions.
Project, titled "TRACE" - Urban Art Intervention - Towers of Lameiras Buildings, sought to provide access to new forms of art and information to young residents, enhancing their social integration and citizenship, thus overcoming the situation of imminent social exclusion in which they were.
Winning project of "Networking" 2017 by the Municipality of V.N.Famalicão.
Urban community intervention in 20 banks of Rua Luís de Camões, in Famalicão, with the graphic narrative of the 10 stories of the "Lusíadas".
MARK - Interventions in school spaces, so that each student leaves his mark and at the same time requalify-transform your school.
Labyrinth of the Arts
In the Labyrinth of the Arts, visits are made by the light of a lantern that illuminates the route and leads the look through the murals, creating a special surrounding. The new interpretive center of graphics has ten rooms depicting different periods, duly contextualized by the guide: first, a Paleolithic cave, followed by a long time corridor that runs through the Metal Age, Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire, the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, Neoclassicism, Impressionism and the different artistic movements of the 19th century. XX (Expressionism, Cubism, Surrealism, Pop Art…). In the end, there is also a reproduction of a work by Vhils, probably the best known Portuguese urban artist today. A note to recognize the inexhaustible need to record and communicate through murals.
The Paleolithic Year
The visit to the Labyrinth of the Arts, with about two hours, has always associated a workshop. Each year, theoretical and practical activities will be concentrated at one time for a deeper approach. Until April 2020, the focus is on the Paleolithic, joining the Côa Museum to hold lectures and exhibitions on rock art. During the week, the interpretative center only hosts school, on Saturdays, the doors are open to the community, to realize, after all, that this painting of walls had been done for thousands of years.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

we will seek to enable access to new forms of art and information to participants in our artistic interventions, enhancing their social integration and citizenship, also seeking to enhance their knowledge for different graphic techniques and enhance the evolution of Graphism over time.
Through the promotion of a non-formal education and the realization of cultural, teaching and leisure activities it is intended to impel interpersonal development and strengthen the exercise of citizenship of the participant, with a view to good integration in their social context; and developing and/or enhancing personal growth and development.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Our Work and our Goal is to leave an artistic mark with the Comunity. We wuold like to join ALF Network to know the realities of other Comunities and to connect with groups from the Comunities in shape of an intercultural work.

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Joana Isabel Sousela Brito Gamboa Fernandes
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Art Director
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Joana Brito
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Ricardo Jorge Amorim Nogueira Miranda
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Art Director