Association of Upper Egypt for Education and development

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65 Qobeissy, St., Daher
Cairo Governorate

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General Information

- AUEED is a non-governmental organization (NGO) working in Upper Egypt for 80 years to empower local communities, targeting the poorest through education and development programmes with a special focus on children, women and youth
- AUEED structure is consists of the board and the management in the Cairo central level and four field offices in Minia, Assiut, Sohag and Luxor with a total number of 1500 staff.
- AUEED resources based on internal and external donors and AUEED assets
- Our donors (USAID, Save the children, EU) and others
- AUEED is managing 35 formal schools and 17 parallel schools that provide a high quality of education in 5 governorates in addition to implementing high schools and literacy classes (e.g. the Literate Village project targeting 500 community schools and achieving Social, cultural and economic development for local communities).
- MoE ministry of education, Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS), General Authority for Literacy and Adult Education

Mission and Objectives

AUEED Mission:
To empower local communities through quality education and development programs with a
special focus on children, women and youth. We work towards a more socially responsible society
in Upper Egypt through building partnerships, promotion of team spirit, volunteerism and justice.
In all its developmental efforts, AUEED seeks to maintain the national Egyptian identity through:
• Offering education opportunities to everyone without discrimination while promoting the
individuals' freedom, creativity and human dignity
• Promoting the basic human right to health, especially for woman and children to be able to
pursue a better life.
• Addressing all forms of poverty: cultural, financial and that related to capacity and skills.
• Creating job opportunities that enable developing the community, especially low-income.
• Reviving the cultural and artistic heritage of Upper Egypt.
AUEED Vision
A sustainable community that endorses human values, dignity and rights, where the people,
especially the poor in Upper Egypt, are empowered to utilise all their potentials in ways that help
them develop themselves so that they can play an effective role in developing their communities.

Main Projects / Activities

Formal education programme
non-formal education programme
cultural development programme
health and environment programme
microcredit programme

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

AUEED has a long history in promoting cultural activities, saving heritages in Upper Egypt like Tahtib (stick dancing)
and providing small funds to cultural Initiatives lead by youth.
AUEED can exchange experience with the other members on how to promote equality using cultural activities

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

we already were a member in ALF network, we believe in networking and partnerships and AUEED used to be a big player in Egypt in terms of policymaking and advocacy

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Nevien Wagdy
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Cultural development programme manager
Head of the organisation
Wahid Naguib