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Casa da Juventude de Amarante
Av.ª General Silveira, 193, Cepelos
4600-017 Amarante


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General Information
Aventura Marão Clube (AMC) is a non-profit organisation created in 1993 by a group of young people from Amarante. Currently we have more than 350 local members. Our board has 7 directors and is organised in 3 sections: mountain biking, canoeing and fair trade. We have 9 paid staff and also volunteers(local and international. For 2013 we run a budget of 250.000 euros. Our sources of funding for this budget are: - european fundings (YiA, LLLP) - own resources (quotations, incomes from youth center facilities and bar/restaurant) - sponsors (publicity for our main events) - local/national fundings (public administration and local authorities) We run a youth center where we devepo concrete projects at local level and also under YIA and LLLP. Our main partners are NGOs from Mediterranean Partner Countries and from Europe (mainly, NGOs and public sector running similar youth centers or developing similar projects).
Mission and Objectives

The mission of AMC is to promote healthy lifestyles among young people from the region of Amarante and also approach them, especially those with fewer opportunities, to youth policies, encouraging their active participation. Besides, we intend to instill the values of European citizenship, democracy and sustainable development.

Main Projects / Activities

Since November 2008, AMC manages and coordinates the Youth Centre of Amarante. AMC promotes activities in the field of Non-Formal Education (NFE) and Human Rights Education (HRE) in order to develop personal and social skills of young people and stimulate national and international mobility. Examples of projects we have done/participated with EUROMED countries:
- YE "Food and Biological Consumption" (2009);
- YE "From local legends to global challenges" (2010);
- YE "Euromed Challenge 1: be a volunteer!" (2011);
- YE "Euromed Challenge 2: be an entrepreneur!" (2012);
- TC "PEACE BAG Training of Multipliers" (2012)
Besides this we are running since 2008 several youth activities (youth exchanges, youth and democracy, EVS, training courses, partnership building activities, study visits, job shadowing, Grundtvig workshop, etc.), some of them also involving partners from mediterranean partner countries

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can contribute to this Network by:
- sharing our experience in non-formal education and intercultural learning methods;
- using our contacts and knowledge about Euromed area;
- providing good quality facilities for international meetings/activities;
- assuring our commitment as reliable and enthusiastic partners for future cooperation.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The main reasons to join ALF Network are:
- mediterranean cooperation is a priority for our organisation;
- we have been working since 2006 within the frame of Euromed projects that allowed us to accummulate experience;
- we want to establish a reliable network of partners within Euromed area;
- we believe ALF Network can offer new opportunities of cooperation with other Euromed partners.

Contact (1) Full Name
Miguel Pinto
Head of the organisation
Alfredo Manuel Branco de Carvalho
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Catarina Duarte