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Bağlar Belediye Başkanlığı Toptancılar Sitesi karşısı 21090 Diyarbakır

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Local/Regional Authority
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General Information
Bağlar is a municipality. 750 staff. we organise international conferences and EU projects.
Mission and Objectives

With a democratic, participatory, transparent, accountable approach for service provision, it is our goal to provide the Baglar Municipality to be a good example on regional and territorial extent by developing just, effective, available, qualified and sustainable policies and programs for each citizen and shareholders.
To be a model in the field of democratic, ecologic and gender libertarian governing by adopting urban and social services as basic human right.
Our basic approach and understanding regarding governing is to consider local governances as the basis of social structure. In this framework, it takes cities as the fields in which the ways and methods of direct participatory self governance are learned and performed.
Our understanding supports Free and Populist Governing Model which prescribes to make open for decisions of citizens of local governance with the aim of creation of ecologic gender equalitarian, free and just societies and cities.

Main Projects / Activities

Urban,social and institutional activities.
Our municipality, while designating the strategic aims and goals between the years 2010-2014 within the scope of Strategic Planning, through the principles of which the vision and mission are taken as a basis and guaranteed, defines its strategically fields of activity having Shareholder/Service Matrix, Situation Analysis, GZFT Matrix and Suggestions as the basis like these.
1-) Urban services (advancing the level and the conditions of sustainable qualified urban life)
2-) Societal services (the right for living in international standards, humanitarian progress, societal and social improvement)
3-) Institutional services (Institutional capacity advancement)

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Özlem Yasak
Head of the organisation
Yüksel Baran
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Fecri Tayfur