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Bodrum Klasik Muzik Dernegi

National Network: 
Sysyphos Pansiyon Yanı 1120 Sokak 8/1
Gümüşlük - Bodrum
48970 Bodrum
00 905 07349 5968
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Mobile Phone: 
00 90 507 349 5968
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The organisation of the international Gumusluk Classical Music Festival was the motivation behind the setting up of our music society in 2006. The Gumusluk Culture and Arts Society was founded in 2006 and until 2012 was the umbrella organisation under which the festival was organised. With a change in venue of the festival in 2012, the existing members and the music Festival project were transferred to the Bodrum Classical Music Society, under which we operate all our cultural activities. 

The Society has 27 members, and 3 full-time staff. The main activity of the society is the organisation of the International Gumusluk Classical Music Festival, an annual event that takes place in the small town of Gumusluk, Bodrum on the South-West coast of Turkey. The festival, which lasts for 6 weeks is composed of  a series of concerts, a dedicated masterclass programme which has attracted over 600 students, a Piano competition and as of 2011, the programming of non-classical music events such as Jazz and ethnic musics, and Modern Dance. 

The yearly budget of the festival is close to 400 000 TL. Funding is available as follows

Contributions and Grants – 55%

Ticket Sales and other Program Revenue – 30%





Mission and Objectives: 

The main aim of the Bodrum Classical Music Society is the organisation of cultural events on an International level in the village of Gumusluk and the surrounding Bodrum area.

To promote awareness about,  and help protect the areas' rich historical antiquities bu using important ancient sites as the stage for main festival events. 

To help and support young talented music students. 

To promote high-value low-volume tourism as a model in the region. 

To promote Turkish music and musicians on the worlds stages. 


Main Projects / Activities: 

The main project of the society is the International Gumusluk Classical Music Festival. 

It began in 2004 as a series of piano recitals, with the aim of furthering and supporting the education of Turkish music students. 

In 2005 the festival expanded to include all instruments.  By 2006 the founding aim of the festival was put into action. The Festival academy was born in this year, and attracted a group of students from Australia, Japan, Greece, UK and Turkey. The GFA ( Gumusluk Festival Academy) continues to this day, and is at the core of all festival activities and programming, Over 600 students have attended GFA in its 10 year history. 

The festival itself continues to grow each year. In 2008, it expanded its'borders by moving bigger-scale orchestral concerts to the Bodrum, using historically important venues such as the Bodrum Castle and the Bodrum anique theatre.  In 2010 & 2011 alongside the classical music programme a jazz programme was developed. In the same years the first of the Adnan Saygun Piano Competition was realised. This bi-annual event takes place with the aims of supporting young music students with cash prizes and performance opportunities, but also carries the aim of promoting one of Turkeys most succesfull and prolific composers, Saygun to the world and encouraging its performance amongst the younger generations. 

The association has organised winter concert series, notably in 2011 - 2012, the "Gumusluk Classical and Jazz days" took place over an 8 month period and listed a calendar of national and Internatioa s stars






How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

The association has a well-established network of artists, young proffesionals, educators and audience. It has cooperated with many local organisations in a number of different projects and capacities. 

It has strong, lasting ties with local government and local business. Its main event - the festival, is a welcomed by the local population.  

Its main activity, the International Gumusluk Classical Music Festival was recently honoured with the EFFE 2015 - 2016 label, proving its success on a Europe-wide level. 

As the only independant cultural operator in the region that operates on an annual level with a sustainable project, we would be open and happy to share and participate in projects with other members in the Anna Lindh network. 



Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

In 2016, for the first time the festival plans are to expand on a larger scale than ever before. Incorporating three festivals into one the festival hopes to grow its educational programs to include non-classical music workshops. A dedicated Jazz festival, and a dedicated Guitar festival are programmed to run alongside, and as a part of the Classical music Festival. With this move into a broader artistic sphere, we would welcome the networking opportunities and the experience of other network members, with whom we would like to collaborate with 

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Eren Levendoglu
Job Title: 
Artistic Director
Head of the organisation: 
Eren Levendoglu
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Madelon Briet
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