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General Information

Border Crossings creates new intercultural, multi-media theatre in response to the contemporary globalised world. The company works across the borders between cultures and art forms, and between nations and peoples. It is led by two staff. Established in 2019, Border Crossings is a new organisation in the Republic of Ireland. It is a Company Limited by Guarantee with Charitable Status. Its early projects are funded by the EU's Erasmus + schemes, partnering with theatre and education organisations across Europe.

Mission and Objectives

Vision Border Crossings will be a leader in intercultural dialogue between artists, audiences and communities, working through theatre and the arts to facilitate mutual understanding, creative collaboration and positive development. Mission In response to the contemporary globalised world, Border Crossings creates a theatrical and cultural space in which peoples come together as equals for creativity and dialogue. In order to do this we: • Create high-quality international performances • Curate festivals of Indigenous arts and culture • Collaborate with leading artists from a range of different countries and backgrounds and with the diverse communities that make up contemporary Irish society • Communicate artistic work and cultural debates through educational and media channels

Main Projects / Activities

In line with the Irish Government’s Policy Framework Document “Culture 2025 - Éire Ildánach”, Border Crossings advocates for a universally accessible approach to cultural work, with particular stress on: • Social Integration. Border Crossings will work with artists and international cultural partners to make theatre and other cultural outputs that reflect the increasingly multicultural and international nature of Irish society. The company’s approach will embrace the international dimension of Irish life occasioned by the arrival of new citizens, and will offer a space where people of different backgrounds can encounter one another’s cultures on an equal footing. • International Collaboration. Border Crossings will work with partners across the European Union and beyond to develop innovative new approaches to theatrical and cultural creation, participation and learning. By collaborating with international artists and cultural operators of high professional standing, Border Crossings will enhance the cultural offer in the Irish Republic, and generate international opportunities for Irish artists. • Participation and Education. Border Crossings will work closely with the diverse communities of contemporary Ireland, both within the education system and at a grassroots community level, to enable wide and varied participation in cultural activities, regardless of ethnic and cultural identity, religious beliefs, and socio-economic background. Border Crossings’ education and community work will relate directly to the company’s professional projects, ensuring an ongoing dialogue between artistic production and the development of community participation.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our staff have extensive experience of collaboration with the MENA region through our sister company in the UK, including an ALF-funded project in 2014. We have contributed to European discussions on the role of arts and culture in relation to migration and refugees, and to interculturalism in Europe.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Our UK-based sister company has had positive experiences with the ALF Network there, and we are anxious to establish similar connections in Ireland.

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Michael Walling
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Artistic Director
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Michael Walling
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Lucy Dunkerley
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Associate Director