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Center for Cross-cultural Communication

National Network: 
Divanyolu Caddesi Erçevik İş Hanı No:54 / 110 Sultanahmet
34122 Istanbul
+90 (212) 526 3063
Mobile Phone: 
+90 532 2479948
Mobile Phone (other): 
+90 507 5242470
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Established in 2010 we are a non-profit organisation with 3 paid members of staff and around 50 volunteers. The majority of our volunteers are fluent in English and some are native speakers of different European languages including German, French, Polish, Spanish, Danish, Swedish etc. Our budget is humble, around 70000 TL in 2015 so we highly rely on donations of materials and staffing our activities through volunteers. We have donations from other charities and we were awarded a project by the Ministry of Interior, Turkey in 2014 to run a training event for HR purposes. We have regular training for volunteers mainly in English language, seminars on various subjects, daily information sessions in our cultural centres in Istanbul etc. Majority of our activities are in English with occasional sessions in different languages. Our publications foster cross-cultural communication and understanding and widely distributed in Istanbul, Edirne and Antalya. We are EVS accredited by the EU and we partner with other organisations on a project base.

Mission and Objectives: 

Our organisation (Center for Cross-cultural Communication) aims to cater for different groups. First of all it aims to raise cross-cultural awareness among young Turkish citizens. Secondly it aims to establish platforms where people from different cultural backgrounds can meet, discuss their viewpoints and realize their commonalities as well as differences.So far we have been actively engaging young Turks and international visitors in the most attractive locations in a historically pluralist city, Istanbul. Sultan Ahmed and Suleymaniye Mosques and Sinan Pasha Complex are some of these places for example.It has ben commented as an important part of their visit by most of our visitors in the guest book, in their emails and comments.Regular activities are presentations to groups of visitors, individual discussions after presentations, question and answer sessions and training for the volunteers on various subjects including intercultural communication skills, public speaking and presentation workshops, seminars on history and architecture.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Info sessions: To tourists in Sultan Ahmed, Suleymaniye and Sinan Pasha centres in the form of group presentations and one-to-one 

Publications: On cultural sites in Istanbul and Edirne as well as on various aspects of Turkish and Islamic culture. One such project was funded by TURING and more than 100000 brochures in 8 languages were distributed in Istanbul and Edirne.

Training: Differentiated training for volunteers at different levels, basic communication skills, intercultural competence, presentation skills (elementary to advanced), Judaism and Christianity, Architecture, History fo the Qur'an etc. 

Iftari: During Ramadan every year we host iftaris for non-Muslim visitors in the historical sites of Istanbul


How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We have a large but maybe underrepresented network of volunteers and other organisations who may be useful in advancing international, intercultural and interfaith relations among members of the Anna Lindh Foundation's network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

National and international activities, providing/receiving training on various subjects of interest, exchange of volunteers, joint workshops on common challenges of the time and area that we live in.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Fatih Özkan
Job Title: 
General Coordinator
Head of the organisation: 
Dr. Enes Eryarsoy
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Osman Yapar
Job Title: 
Vice Chair

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