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Citizens of Europe e.V.

National Network: 
Kiefholzstraße 2
12435 Berlin
Mobile Phone: 
+49 1704 121411
Mobile Phone (other): 
+49 1525 1759257
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Citizens of Europe is a registered non-profit association in Germany and works from an office in Berlin (staffed with an executive officer and two volunteers). Highest bodies of the association are the council and the board. We have about 65 registered members from more than 15 countries. Citizens runs four main programmes (see below) and additional projects in 3 fields of cooperation (Beyond the Union, Volunteering, European debate). We finance our projects through support from various donors (among them European Commission, Bosch foundation, Aktion Mensch). Citizens has a wide network of partners (e.g. Hungarian Europe Society, Maison de l'Europe Paris, Kulturaktiv e.V. Dresden) based on the respective project.

Mission and Objectives: 

Citizens of Europe is a group of individuals who feel responsible for the future of Europe. We work together through interdisciplinary debate, practical training and engaged art. We aim to promote active citizenship. Vitalizing a European public sphere open to everyone is, for us, a matter of mental and cultural change. It requires innovative action based on mutual respect and passion.

Main Projects / Activities: 

“OpenFora” gather people from all over Europe at different European locations to create a lively political debate by similarly well-informed, not essentially like-minded people who are willing to get involved in the present and future of society. “MyEurope” is an annual film contest that invites active Europeans, artists and filmmakers to reflect and create their views on Europe. Selected films are shown during a Europe-wide film festival at several places across the continent. “Art Interventions” is an interdisciplinary programme convening local, national and European artists and scholars at disadvantaged communities to identify socio-economical-political processes that are taboo in the community and find, through community participation, innovative ways to deal with them. “Training for Europe” is a series of training seminars. They either combine elements of project conception with work on intercultural and team leading skills or train people in non formal methods of citizenship education in a European context.

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Livia Pelyhes
Job Title: 
Executive Director
Head of the organisation: 
Tobias Kunow
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Maaret Jokela
Job Title: 
Vice President

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