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National Network: 
Tayyareci Hayrettin Sok. Selma Ap. No 6 D 7 Bakırköy
+90 212 252 6516
Telephone (other): 
+90 212 543 3648
+90 212 452 8698
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Mobile Phone: 
+90 543 34 02 877
Mobile Phone (other): 
+90 543 34 01 877
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General Information: 

Ç.N. (initials for "translator's note" in Turkish), publishes world literature in translation and organises literary
events. It has published 8 issues since 2007. Further information can be found in web site address.

Mission and Objectives: 

C.N. is the only Literature in Translation Magazine in Turkey. Beside Puplishing the Magazine C.N. is also working on a project named Word Express. The project aims to:
- create a platform for intercultural dialogue through literary exchange in the in the region of South-East Europe
- extend its network into the region through cooperation among local organisations
- create an informal network of literary organisations, magazines, publishers and individuals in
the South-East Europe region in view of future on-going cooperation
- encourage translation and publication of literary work by younger authors from the region
- create opportunities for literary translator training and translation and editing skills development

Main Projects / Activities: 

WORD EXPRESS: Project Structure and Timetable
The project will be led by CN magazine (Istanbul) with main partners in the UK, Croatia, Romania and Israel, as
well as other partners in Armenia, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Cyprus, Greece, Macedonia and Serbia.
Phase 1 (May-June 2009)
creation of the wider network of organisations, magazines and individuals (authors, translators) ready to be
involved in the project – by email – consulting the members and incorporating their input into the design of the project;
Phase 2 (July-September 2009)
a) Select authors and works – poetry, short prose and essays; identify translators.
b) Translation and editing of selected texts into English – these will be published in the UK in print and online(LAF's online magazine Transcript, Eurozine etc.) and will serve as source / bridge for translation into languages of the region into/from which there may not be literary translators. Translation will be done via email and in a specially organised workshop.
c) virtual translations workshops to achieve draft translation of the selected texts
Phase 3 (October 2009)
Train journey from Turkey through Greece, Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Romania. The journey will
take a changing group of authors / translators to cities where they will take part in readings and debates. The journey will also serve as the final phase of the translation workshops during which the translations will be finalized. The events will be broadcast on the internet to the other participating locations to create a sense of belonging and to reach as wide audiences as possible.
Phase 4 (November-December 2009)
Authors participating in the journey produce a piece of writing inspired by it. The texts are circulated and
Phase 5 (January – May 2010)
Publication in print and online in all the partners' locations followed by a meeting of project participants in Istanbul in May 2010 to evaluate the project and plan further joint activities. The meeting will be planned as part of the celebrations of 2010 Istanbul European City of Culture.
Phase 6 (June – September 2010)
Produce final report.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Zerrin Celebioglu
Head of the organisation: 
Gokcenur Celebioglu
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Gokcenur Celebioglu

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