Consejo de la Juventud de España

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Calle, Montera, 24-6º.
28013 Madrid

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Organisation Type
Public Institution
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Youth and education
General Information
1. The Assembly; The Bureau; Special Commissions: Committee for Social & Economic Affairs; Committee for Integral Education; Committee on Rights & Equal Opportunities; Committee for Participation & Association Promotion; Committee for International Relations; Committee for International Relations; Committee for External Relations & Institutional Development. Staff: 16 employees. Eventual staff in relation to Campaigns or eventual projects. 2. Budget: Around 2 million Euros. 3. National Budget and Convention for specific projects 4. Studies, reports and guides, Awareness raising campaigns, training courses, meetings and seminars. 5. CJE’s Youth Member organizations; HIV / AIDS National Program; Ministry of Housing, Home Affairs; Foreign Affairs Migration Secretary General; Spanish Office of the European Parliament and Spanish Delegation of the European Commission; Spanish Institute for Youth (INJUVE); Spanish Platform of NGOs for Development and Spanish Social Platform; and Civil Society Organizations…., Latinamerican Youth Forum (FLAJ); Youth Forum (YFJ); Youth Union of the Saharawi People (UJSario)…
Mission and Objectives

- To co-operate with the social partners in order to achieve a global youth policy that effectively covers the problems and concerns among young men and women.
• - To encourage participation, foster the youth association movement and support the consolidation of initiatives targeting non-associated youth.
• - To channel proposals made by young people towards the Administration and society at large.
• Raise public awareness on youth-specific problems.
• - To undertake surveys and research leading to enhanced understanding of the real nature of young people and their circumstances.
• -To represent young Spanish men and women within international youth organisations.
- To provide services and support to youth organisations.

Main Projects / Activities

Awareness raising campaigns on issues such as immigration, HIV/AIDS prevention, promotion of youth electoral participation, fostering youth participation and the youth association movement, and unemployment, raising awareness of the situation of international conflicts, etc…
Co-operation projects aim to foster youth organisations networking and improve their capacity of dialogue with other regional platforms and international youth organisations, and projects addressed to improve the working and living capacities of young people in other countries.
As for the organisation of training courses, meetings and seminars, it would be impossible to list all the activities carried out so far. However, the CJE School is worthy of special mention: it is called Politeia Joven and is an annual meeting conceived as a forum for training, reflection, discussion and exchange.
The publication “Basis for a Youth Policy” is the result of all the discussions, studies and reflection held within this forum.

Contact (1) Full Name
Mario Esteban Ruiz – President
Head of the organisation
Mario Esteban Ruiz – President
Contact (2) Full Name
Loli Martínez González – Director Manager