Contemporary Art Gallery Bunkier Sztuki in Krakow (Galeria Sztuki Współczesnej Bunkier Sztuki w Krakowie)

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pl. Szczepanski 3a
31-011 Krakow

+48 12 422 10 52
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+48 12 422 40 21
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+48 502 384 394
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Public Institution
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  1. Arts
General Information
Bunkier Sztuki is a municipal cultural institution. Bunkier Sztuki employs 26 staff in the following departments: director, programme section: curators and coordinators of exhibitions and educational programmes – 8, PR and promotion – 2, administration – 3, technical support – 12. Budgetary resources available per annum are approx. 507 500 euro for 2010, of which 375 000 euros have been provided by the municipal budget, 50 000 euros by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage and 82 500 euros have come from the Gallery’s own income (tickets, sales of publications, renting out exhibition space). The events organised by Bunkier Sztuki are: exhibitions, film projections, presentations and discussions, children’s education, actions in public space and publishing. Bunkier Sztuki works together with the foreign cultural institutions in Poland, such as, Goethe Institute, British Council, Austrian Consulate General, Italian Institute of Culture, Foundation Pro Helvetia and with other international cultural institutions and galleries.
Mission and Objectives

Bunkier Sztuki presents international modern art in a wide cultural context. Bunkier Sztuki is above all a gallery – the place of direct encounters with art and with artists. We organise exhibitions, show films and present discussions with artists. Around this ‘vocation’ we create rationalisations, explanations and attractions. In the Bunkier Sztuki Club, we present various problems which make artists tick. We talk about politics, religion, gender, taboos and the media. The ‘nervousness’ of art is our main programme adviser. We also keep an eye on artistic strategies and on other art institutions. Bunkier’s ambition is a programme which would present the richness of the media and reflection of modern art.

Main Projects / Activities

1. Exhibitions
The artistic programme in Bunkier focuses on presentation of several issues of contemporary art: the work of young artists that comment the trends and problems of the 21st century art, problematic shows, retrospective exhibitions of key figures of the contemporary art.
In the year 2009 Bunkier Sztuki realized the exhibitions of Polish and foreign artists, among the others: Robert Kuśmirowski. The Colector’s Massif, Leopold Kessler. Observations and Interventions, Witkacy. Psychoholizm.
2. Editorial activity
The catalogues published in that period constitute compendia on the work of the presented artist, they include comprehensive chronologies and critical texts.
3. Bunkier Sztuki Club – a place for discussion, comments, reflections but also performance and artists talks.
4. Little Club of Bunkier Sztuki – educational, interactive programme for children related to the current Gallery’s activity.

Contact (1) Full Name
Anna Smolak
Head of the organisation
Roman Krzysztofik, acting director
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Anna Bargiel