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Tom Tom Mahallesi Yeniçarşı Cad No:28 Beyoğlu, İstanbul-TURKEY
+90 212 444 0 495
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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

About Culture City Foundation

Mission and Objectives: 

Globalization has some social and psyhcological effects on societies at the present day in the world. People are affected competitition due to globalization process and they find some ways to harmonize to the society.
Urbanization is one of important method to harmonize to the society for people. Cohabitation is a one of uniqe solidarity model in providing existence of people under global competition. There is no doubt that if the issue is providing existence in global world, urbanization has some advantages and disadvantages on societies. It is not possible to look only optimistic perspective to urbanization issue. At this time; we can say that if a city can not manage effectively, it will start to create many problems to the society.
At the present day localization has also been getting much more importancy day by day for cities. Actulaly we can define it as glocalization (local perspectives together with global values). People should come together (living at cities) to compete under global competition. These issues resulted with urbanization.
Each city has its own vision, culture, sociology and phsychology and people who are living in a cities reflect these items in a city. In this concept, we see a reality that actually ‘Competition Between Cities’ has vital role on global world. At this point two important concepts getting much more importancy:
1- People and time
2- City and places
Providing succesful city management, authorities need to care about these issues. In this perspective; Culture City Foundation established in 2009 as a non-govenmental organization in Istanbul. The objective of the Foundation is organizing and supporting projects in providing much more liveable cities for people.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Some Projects that we organize and support:
1- Beyoglu Bouquiniste (Second-hand Bookstore) Festival
2- Intercultural Art Dialogues
3- International Golden Hands Festival
4- Brand Cities Academy Graduate (MA) Program (together with Istanbul Aydın University and Beyoglu Municipality)
5- Istanbul Baghdad Intercultural Dialogues and Businessmen Platform
6- Turkey – US Intercultural Dialogues Platform
7- PROJECT FOR AVOIDENCE OF VIOLENCE AGAINST CHILDREN (in cooperation with BvL Foundation and Beyoğlu Municipality)

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