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Danish Refugee Council Youth (DFUNK)

National Network: 
Fælledvej 12, C
2200 Copenhagen
25 88 35 20
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

DFUNK is the national youth network of the Danish Refugee Council. DFUNK has 7 regional groups in Denmark: Storkøbenhavn, Sjælland, Fyn, Nordjylland, Vestjylland and Østjylland and Sydjylland. Groups meet about once a month. Besides these regional groups, the Board of DFUNK has established International Section. The Cultural section is about to be established. The Board has 7 members and 2 suppleants. DFUNK has about 800 members pr. May 2010, and the amount of members is rapidly expanding. DFUNK gets some basic funding for its functioning from Danish Refugee Council. Besides this, we have profits from our events and the membership fee. DFUNK works on volunteer basis, but has one employed Youth Consultant at the office, as well as a trainee.

Mission and Objectives: 

DFUNKs goal is to engage young people to promote better conditions for the young refugees and young people with other ethnic background than Danish, in Denmark and abroad. We want to promote volunteerism and to engage young people of different ethnic backgrounds to common volunteer projects.

Main Projects / Activities: 

DFUNK arranges different events and projects, and has an active meeting agenda. One of the main events of the year is the pant collection campaign during the Roskilde Festival. More information about our mission, objectives and activities can be found from

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Nicolas Farr
Job Title: 
Head of the organisation: 
Aja Heinze

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