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Department of Biogeography and Botanical Garden, University of Vienna

National Network: 
Rennweg 14
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
General Information: 

1.Department of the University of Vienna
2. -
3.University budget, Extramural grants (currently EC-projects INTRABIODIV and ENSCONET, FWF-project on Androsace and Bulbophyllum, grants from National Park “Donauauen”; EC-Marie Curie scholarship)
4.conducting research projects, participation in national and international scientific meetings, public seminar series
5.numerous national and international collaborators in the mapping projects; collaboration with national and international research groups (e.g., Univ. Salzburg, Univ. Oslo, WSL, Colorado College, Penn Sate, USGS etc).collaboration in programs about Botanic gardens, incl. ex-situ conservation and nature protection.

Mission and Objectives: 

Research covers (a) all aspects of activities in Botanic Gardens and (b) of the field of plant biogeography ranging from the intra- specific to the community level; focusing on floristic and the mapping of European vascular plant distributions and study many aspects of plant chorology including molecular phylogeography (with emphasis on Arctic-Alpine and Mediterranean plant groups), as well as taxonomic studies with particular biogeographic concern. Finally, we apply this research to the needs of conservation.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Ex situ conservation (e.g., dry area plants of Austria)
Creating public awareness about nature conservation
Distribution atlases and checklists of plants (Austria, Southern Tyrol, Central Europe)
Moelcular phylogeny of plant taxa with island distribution (e.g. Bulbophyllum, Orchidaceae, and Cyrtandra, Gesneriaceae)
Molecular biogeography of arctic and alpine plants (e.g., Androsace sect. Aretia) with special emphasis on phenomena and patterns connected to the Pleistocene glaciations
Dynamics of riverine vegetation
Red Data lists for plants
Evolution of non-photosynthetic parasitic plants

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael KIEHN
Head of the organisation: 
Ao. Univ. Prof. Dr. Michael KIEHN