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General Information
Dibeen Association for Environmental Development (DIBEEN) is an independent public benefit, non-governmental, non-profit association established in 2010 by a group of environmental activists under the authorization of the Jordanian Ministry of Environment. The association is concerned with protecting the environment and conserving natural resources as well as the development of capacities and skills to improve and upgrade the environmental reality and its work includes all regions of the Kingdom. The Association seeks to achieve its objectives within the available resources and support available, and by developing and providing many environmental projects and work to those organizations and bodies concerned, taking into consideration the recent developments and mechanisms of sustainable environmental development.
Mission and Objectives

Provide consulting, research, education and empowerment services in partnership with the public and private sectors and civil society institutions as well as strengthen the cooperation and coordination of efforts to preserve the environment among these stakeholders, which would contribute to the achievement of sustainable environmental development in accordance with international standards, and this is done through:
• Human resources development; skills and efficiency development.
• Effective communication between the Association and the local community
• Optimal exploitation of natural resources
• diverse research
• The involvement of all citizens to benefit from the development results
Dibeen Association for Environmental Development seeks to introduce a new model in the environmental field, especially with the emergence of recent environmental problems in parallel with the development of modern methods and techniques to protect the environment from such risks. Moreover, to convert these solutions to development projects and activities with social and economic effects, represented in the establishment of innovative environmental projects and launch of an online national environmental network.

Main Projects / Activities

A. Project title: 3Rs in schools
B. Donor: Internal financing.
C. Outputs: A project for the introduction of environmental concepts in schools such as waste reduction, reuse and recycling. “Recycling, Reduce, Re-use” project helps children realize the importance of protecting the environment from solid wastes and managing it, as well as creative methods of waste disposal. This ongoing project has helped four elementary schools to be leaders in environmental work.
A. Project title: Apiary project for the production of honey
B. Donor: Ministry of Social Development.
C. Outputs: The association realized the importance of having a productive income-generating project in order to ensure direct funding for the continuity of the various environmental and developmental activities, so it came up with the idea of having a honey production project especially for the Association. The project is currently implemented, and provides work opportunities for youth, in addition to providing the association staff with the experience of managing income generating projects.

A. Project title: Use of solar energy for water heating in houses, a project of solar heaters.
B. Donor: Global Environment Facility (GEF)
C. Outputs: The project aims to make people aware of the importance of clean solar energy use in order to protect the environment from carbon emissions, in order to save on electricity and oil, as they are types of non-renewable energy. In addition to the importance of the use of solar energy in homes to reduce public expenditure where the electricity depletes about one third of the household income. The project is ongoing and includes the following activities: 45 solar heaters were distributed to families using a loan interest-free system, several workshops were held, and publications were distributed to emphasize the importance of clean energy use.
A. Project title: Green Snowball Initiative.
B. Donor: The Bibliotheca of Alexandrina, with the associate with Taking It Global (TIG)
C. Outputs: a youth project carried out by a group of young volunteers to spread awareness on the subject of climate change, in order to increase green space and our partners and volunteers carry out the project activities, a volunteer project primarily, and the most important awareness Society programs of the 2011-till now.

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To learn and exchange experiences in using the related art in the areas of development

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Hala Murad
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Hala Murad
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Mohammad Rawashdeh
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