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EMUI_ EuroMed University

National Network: 
EMUI_ Monastero degli Olivetani - Via Stampacchia, 45 - Palazzo Parlangeli
73100 LECCE LE
+39 340 198 1250
Telephone (other): 
+39 0832 29 4828
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Mobile Phone: 
+39 331 571 7674
Mobile Phone (other): 
+34 629 230 408
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Interuniversity Platform for Innovation (Research, Higher Teacher and Training - LLP), by adapting existing (or new design) projects and programs to the Priority Linges of the EU Framework Program "Horizon 2020". Joint management and open offer, especially for students from Southern Mediterranean countries.

The EMUI_ EuroMed Univrsity (Euro-Mediterranean University Institute) was founded in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid host to our Spain Campus, and an EU, Maghreb and Middle East University Consortium. Officially launched in Malta on October 16th 2007, the events were hosted at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (Valletta), with institutional support from the Government of the Republic and the Embassy of Spain.

Background and Rationale | Contexte et Finalité

Mission and Objectives: 

EMUI_ Foundational Goals

1.- To develop teaching and research quality programs focused on the European Union and its projection upon the Mediterranean Area.
2.- To form professionals in every area of punctual interest for European and Euro-Mediterranean institutions. These professionals will meet the standards of quality set by social, political and economic sectors involved.

3.- To offer programs of continuous education for updating knowledge and basic skills of the above referred professionals.

4.- To foster the spreading of results through specialized media. There will be also a presence in general media, according to the interests of their users.

5.- To draw up proposals of continuous education through courses, seminars or conferences that will be available to any citizen, with the purpose of guaranteeing accurate and critical information on the ongoing development of the EU, particularly in relation to Mediterranean issues.

6.- To advise public and private institutions on the aforementioned issues. Consultant panels will be set up to pursue this goal.

7.- To set up institutional teaching and research networks, with or without extra-communitarian partners, in order to improve the spreading of results. It will be also be a target to establish partnerships with other institutions in order to create local, regional or communitarian programs to be developed at the affected geopolitical areas.

Main Projects / Activities: 

· Graduate Studies
· Postgraduate Studies
· Research Projects
· Pre- & Postdfoctoral Fellowship
· LLP | Standing Seminars
· Publications_Materials

EQUALITY_ HUMAN RIGHTS | Sustainable Development
EMUI_Contibution to Human Development in the Mediterranean Region

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Michela Zanarella
Job Title: 
International & Institutional Relations (Head)
Head of the organisation: 
Prof. Román Reyes, President
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Paloma Criado
Job Title: 
Cabinet of the President (Head)

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