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Carrer Creueta 119, baixos esq.
08202 Sabadell Barcelona

Organisation Type
Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
General Information

We are a team of four professionals which gives impulse to the *estel cooperative. We have been working together since 2014 so to improve people’s lives in their habitat: the villages and cities of the territory. We cooperate with citizens and administrations in the improvement of their municipalities, contributing our knowledge and experience in the design, management, and planning of public spaces. In short, we collaborate in transforming squares, streets, parks, and neighbourhoods into places where everyone can enjoy the city on an equal basis, regardless of age, gender, origin or capacities.

Mission and Objectives

Our approach is based on the principles of urban ecology and social geography. We study human habitat in a holistic and experiential way, observing the daily life and the interrelations that it establishes the urban, rural or natural ecosystem. In the proposals for improvement or transformation, we incorporate the results from transdisciplinary, transparent and participative work processes.

Our approach to the projects always starts with the design of the work process, which is divided into two parts: collective diagnosis and proposals for improvement. At the beginning of each project, we use as orientation tools three maps which unfold the dynamics of the territory: administrative, social and territorial mapping. The work process itself will ultimately optimize and improve the mechanisms of the territory, administration, and social agents on the way they act on the field of study.

Our aim is, on the one hand, to reveal the capabilities of the environment so to respond to the detected needs; and on the other, to incorporate the perspectives and knowledge of the people of the administration and the citizenry, through their respective direct or indirect involvement in the work process.

With all this information, we elaborate a strategic intervention document, which includes executive actions in the short, medium and long term, so that both the study field improvement and the administration and citizenry expectations are produced in a continuous and progressive way.

Main Projects / Activities

-Rescuing the Rambles of Barcelona (
-From an abandoned football field to a new community park (…)
-Restructuring the Plaça Joan Ragué i Camps (
-Transforming the old factory SATI into a community hub (…)
-Confluence in Valencia’s Central Market (
-¡Pónle Guinda! : Redesigning the neighborhood (
-Naves do Metrosidero : Youth Centre (
-Gender-based urban planning handbook (
-Joan Miró square (
-The Pine’s plaza (
-Rethinking public space from a youth perspective ​(…)
-Plaza Maresme (

Contact (1) Full Name
Konstantina Chrysostomou
Job Title
Social Architect
Head of the organisation
Alba Domínguez