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General Information
eva International (EVA) is a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee that is formally overseen by a Board of Directors and Members. The organization is managed by a full-time Director, supported by a freelance Assistant and Administrator. For every biennial exhibition, a curator and team of Project Managers, Assistants and Technicians are appointed. A full-time General Manager will be appointed in September 2013. EVA is primarily supported on an annual basis by Arts Council Ireland (€166,000 in 2012, €180,000 in 2013). Limerick City Council also awards annual grants (€10,000 in 2012 and 2013). Additional funding is also sought for individual projects through Culture Ireland, Failte Ireland and international bodies. EVA has an extensive network of local and national partners including 2012 international partners: Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven; Israeli Center for Digital Art, Holon; and Static Gallery, Liverpool. Please see www.eva.ie/supporters for further information.
Mission and Objectives

EVA is an artist-centred biennial of contemporary art that works with acclaimed international guest curators to present innovative exhibitions across the city of Limerick, Ireland. Artists’ projects are selected through an international open call for proposals and a programme of talks, workshops and events accompanies the exhibitions and provides further opportunities for audiences to engage. EVA’s core objective is organizing high quality and innovative contemporary art exhibitions and projects. Through this EVA aims to: ● Bring exemplary international curatorial practice to Limerick ● Support international artists to make new work in relation to the context of Limerick ● Create opportunities for local audiences to engage with high quality and innovative international artworks ● Increase and enhance cultural diversity and dialogue across all aspects of the biennial, including: ● Increasing international participation, partnerships and profile ● Creating international professional networking opportunities

Main Projects / Activities

Each EVA is designed by the guest curator. EVA 2012 curated by Annie Fletcher, featured a central exhibition selected from over 2000 proposals from 76 countries. Alongside this exhibition were a series of collaborations with local, national and international partners including: ● Exhibitions from The Israeli Center for Digital Art which focuses on media art from the Middle East, Europe, and the Balkans. ● Exit Limerick by Static Gallery, Liverpool examining the politics and complexities of art criticism, published in the local press and aired in a public forum. ● Visual Artists Ireland’s annual Get Together bringing artists, curators and organizations together for a symposium on critical writing, visual art education, information sessions, discussion groups and networking. ● Gracelands a one-day exhibition/festival curated by Vaari Claffey including installations, performances and screenings. ● Keynote lecture by Italian media theorist and activist Franco “Bifo” Berardi.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

EVA has existing working relationships with many of Ireland's ALF Network members and would like further extend opportunities for working in partnership, sharing resources and mutual support. EVA has a history of working with acclaimed international curators and artists and aims to further develop networks of partners locally, nationally and internationally. Though working in partnership across the Network, opportunities and outcomes would be augmented, benefiting all involved.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

EVA would like to increase and enhance cultural diversity and dialogue across all aspects of the organization's activities with the hope of developing further international networks and opportunities for artists and organizations. The curator for EVA 2014 is based in Alexandria, Egypt (official announcement pending late January 2013) and through this opportunity EVA hopes to further increase international and intercultural dialogue, participation and partnerships. The aims and objectives of the Anna Lindh Foundation and the actions it supports and promotes are aligned with the aims and ambitions that EVA has to develop international networks, dialogue and professional partnerships. Becoming part of the ALF Network would be a very positive development for EVA the organization, the exhibitions, events, audience and participants.

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Woodrow Kernohan
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Woodrow Kernohan (left 2016)