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General Information
EXCHANGE Live Art is a very young and small Spanish non profit cultural asociation. We were working in this project since 2011 and we had founded as an asociation last 2014. We are three oficial members: Ana Matey (founder and president), Isabel León (founder and secretary) and Mario Álvarez (vicepresident), but we colaborate with many artists and profesionals often. We don´t have any budgetary resources avalaible in a year, because we work by small projects. Our sources of funding are mainly grants, private sponsorship and our selfless work. Mainly we work organizing and managing meetings between artists from different backgrounds, promoting exchange and reflection on communication. We work together with similar asociations in the countries where we developed these "exchanges". In this moment, we are working with the morrocan cultural asociation Al Handka. Our partners change from one project to other. Normaly we work with public and private cultural institutions and organizations.
Mission and Objectives

EXCHANGE Live Art is a project that investigates the Communication and Interpretation of messages, taking the Action or Performance Art as the basis for this research. We believe that artistic creation is a living act, in which there are no borders or boundaries. We are interested in collective creation, by proposing meetings, residencies, workshops, talks and experiences in which we work with artists from different disciplines, backgrounds and origins. EXCHANGE Live Art proposes to share artistic processes, ideas and performance scores, as well as ways to understand art and life.
About context and curatorial work.
EXCHANGE Live Art arises as a need to create and promote art and culture in a socio-political and economic moment in which this sector is suffering more than ever. This project aims to involve and count with the participation of institutions, artists and public.
EXCHANGE Live Art proposes a curatorial project focus on performance art that involves a bet by the artists rather than concrete works. in this project, the creation process and the communication-interpretation research goes beyond the final “artistic “result.
EXCHANGE Live Art takes the "score" (or script of a performance) as the central axis of a project in which is also involve the writing, photography, video, live action, workshop and debate as part of a whole: different ways that generate reflection and thought.
EXCHANGE Live Art is a project based not only on exchanging artistic scores, but in different ways to do, create and experiment “art”, with proposals from artists of different generations, backgrounds and disciplines, opening the field of the research with different professionals from art, sociology, philosophy, etc.
About Communication-Interpretation
“The communication could be understood as a series of illusions, or fragmented reflections that occasionally intersect and generate the ilusion of communication, real reflection. However, the experience of each body communicating is always different: it is a condition of contingencies that makes at the here and now of a context is generate variations and interpretations, differentiation unpredictable and that these are inevitably different for each body communicating” DONNA HARAWAY 
What is life but a pure and continuous exchange? Ideas, thoughts, emotions or feelings that we share with the other by language and gesture. The communication, which goes hand in hand with uncommunication, is a serious and disconcerting subject, that generate disputes and misunderstandings, but also absurd situations and fun. We learn the words, their meanings, their conjugations, constructions... however this does not necessarily mean that each person understands the same thing, so "communication mean interpretation".

Main Projects / Activities

EXCHANGE LIVE ART work in two main lines:
1. Organization and management:
Includes: live actions, talks, workshops and exhibitions.
In September 2012 the project began with 13 artists chosen by an open call online, in which they exchanged performances scores that were "interpreted" in photo and video actions. You can see the online exhibition here.
A year later, from 20 to 29 September, we organize EXCHANGE MADRID, an international meeting with the artists participating in the open call, with exhibition of their works, live actions, performatic debate, workshop and artistic residence. More information about at here.
On May 4th 2013, we organize another international meeting of action art EXCHANGE at Vostell Malpartida´s Museum, with Bartolomé Ferrando, Willem Wilhemus, Belén Cueto and Koke Vega. More information here.
October 2013, EXCHANGE at Enclave (Granada, Spain) host the french artist Pascale Ciapp who gave a workshop and perform herself the day of the event. The artist Ana Matey (EXCHANGE Live Art) was invited to had a residence together with Igor Sousa (MATSU), both of them made different urban actions during the residence week. Also Ana Matey and Patricia Cabrero of ENCLAVE CREACIÓN CONTEMPORÁNEA had a exchange of scores that they shown in a simultaneous performance for the final event. More information here.
October 2014, for second year consecutive Vostell Malpartida Museum hosted EXCHANGE & MVM 2014, inside the Iberoamericans Contemporary Art Fair ForoSur. In this occasion the artist invited were Nieves Correa and Abel Loureda, both from Spain. More information here.
2. Research and artistic creation:
Although the events make a research and artistic creation itself, in this section we refer mainly to residencies and laboratories, in which the EXCHANGE Live Art managers as artist, Ana Matey and Isabel Leon, participate.
- July 2013 from 14th to 25th we were invited to Sierra Art Center (Spain) to have a two weeks residency. More information here.
- April 2014, we got the EEA  grant together with the spanish artist Sergio Muro and Domix Garrido from the Norwegian Embassy at Spain. Under the name EXCHANGE España-Norge, we spent ten days in Oslo working by partners with four norwegian artist. At the end of the residency this process was shown in a public live actiion event. More information here.
- Autumn 2014, we spent two months at Saari Residency of the Kone Foundation, Finland. In this period, we work exchanging between us and with other artists currently there, as well as visitors. Although we were invited to participate at Mother´s Tongue International Festival in Helsinki. More information here.
- In May 2015, we are invite to work together with canadian artist at Toronto & Montreal host by FADO and DARE DARE. More information soon.
- In the fall of 2015 we will be working on the project ESTRECHO EXCHANGE between Spain and Morocco, in which three Spanish artists and three Moroccans participate, and different institutions and organizations from both countries are involved and suporting it.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

EXCHANGE Live Art can contribute to networking in our country and with others because our main activity is to organize meetings between different artists and organizations interested in art, the richness of cultural diversity and communication as the main way for understanding and approchement between peoples and cultures.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to join ALF Network because we are interested in knowing other European and Mediterranean organizations interested in working for dialogue between cultures and respect for diversity.
We believe that art (and more specifically performance art) is a good and essential tool to help in this dialogue and this respect. 
We believe that we can offer our experience and knowledge while learning from other network members, making nice projects together.

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Isabel León Guzmán
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Founder - Secretary
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Ana Matey Marañón
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Ana Matey Marañón
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Founder - President