Farma v jeskyni [Farm in the Cave]

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Czech Republic

S. K. Neumanna 11
Praha 8, 182 00

0042 257 318 664
0042 257 318 664
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0042 739 592 481
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0042 739 592 482
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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Research
  3. Youth and education
General Information
Farma v jeskyni is a civic association. Its supreme authority is General Assembly. Other authority is a Commitee. 1 employee. Other artists and members of the company work on freelance basis. The company has 2 volunteers of European Voluntary Service. - Budgetary resources: 100 000 EUR - Sources of funding: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic and City Hall of the Capital of Prague, European Voluntary Service, Culture 2000 (year 2006/2007), Visegrad Fund on specific projects - Modalities of Action: Projects with international partners (theatre festivals, performing events, workshops, artistic exchanges, seminars, lectures, scholarships, international anthropolical researches) Main partners: Svandovo Theatre in Prague, NoD/ROXY Theatre in Prague, Theatre Academy in Prague, Truc Spherique, The Grotowski Institute, Wroclaw, Poland.
Mission and Objectives

Farm in the Cave - An international theatre studio focused on the creation, development and research of human expression. It is defined by the relations between I-you, body-voice, culture-nature, public-intimacy, research-creation. It looks for a bodily articulation of that which cannot be expressed by word, by any other medium.
Inspiration is drawn from the irregular terrain of music, from the torsos of cultural manifestations, from the human touch, from the architecture of space and a personal statement. The ensemble speaks about those realities which its members consider personally and socially appealing. The studio works under the leadership of its founder – director Viliam Docolomanský.
An integral part of Farm in the Cave´s work is not only creation of performances, but also educational activities, basic research of actors´ art and selected cultural minorities.

Main Projects / Activities

Theatre festivals, performing events, workshops (Expression as a transmission of human experience), artistic exchanges, seminars, lectures, scholarships, international anthropolical researches.
Performance SCLAVI / The Song of an Emigrant is based on field research the Farm in the Cave did in villages of eastern Slovakia, on old Ruthenian and Ukrainian songs, on letters of Slovak emigrants, and on the story of Karel Capek ’s Hordubal.
Performance Waiting Room - memory versus the presence of a place – the railway station Zilina-Zariecie; from here, Jews from the Slovak State were deported during the second world war. In the waiting-room, a place in-between, „accidental“ travellers meet and the dead return, not by accident. In this banal triangle of relations, private violence accumulates, evoking the unhealed historical trauma, which is still the root of silent nationalism.
FARM IN THE CAVE - WORK DEMO is a concert – performance – meeting. A composed evening which is different every time. Certain parts of various performances are intermingled with the examples from the ensembles journeys for inspiration. ...

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Sarka Pavelkova
Head of the organisation
Sarka Pavelkova
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Marta Adamova