Forum for Culture and Religion FOKUS - Kulttuuri- ja uskontofoorumi FOKUS

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. International/Cultural relations
  3. Religion
General Information
Culture and Religion Forum FOKUS implements and supports dialogue between cultures and religions from a christian background.
Mission and Objectives

FOKUS promotes constructive dialogue between religions and cultures by bringing together artists, scientists and people from faith inspired organizations to address common issues and discuss values. FOKUS builds bridges via discussions, exhibitions, art and publications. In the center of all activity we find values, ethical questions, and an assessment of different cultural phenomena. From its very beginning, FOKUS has striven to be non-denominational and ecumenical.

Main Projects / Activities

FOKUS has organized a CULTURE FORUM every other year. In 2006 Forum focused on Dialogue between cultures and religions, especially islam and christianity. 2008 topic was Identity and 2010 Migration and in 2012 Images of Virgin Mary in christianity and other religions. Forums are a meeting place for new ideas and different interest groups from artists to scientists. IMAM TRAINING -project 2012-2013: a survey conducted in co-operation with Finnish muslim umbrella organizations to find out the present demand for education among imams working in Finland. A follow-up project will search into the dimensions and composition of an educational programme for muslim spiritual workers in Finland – both male and female. UNAOC INTERFAITH HARMONY WEEK (2011-): facilitating and coordinating the planning and communications for the Finnish events. GLOBAL ETHIC -project: exhibition and teachers material 2009-2010. Together with the Global Ethic Foundation from Germany. Exhibition has been touring schools, congregations and ngo's during the past years. Publications: INTERFAITH DIALOGUE - tool kit for educators (published 2010) At the Center of the Sacred. Religions and Cultures – from Confrontation to Genuine Dialog. 2006 Culture Forum's material. (published 2007) EXHIBITIONS: Undocumented migrants in Europe: seminars and exhibition about immigrants coming outside Europe and living without papers in EU (2010 and 2011). Photo Exhibition by Katja Tähjä and Kaisa Viitanen. Architecture and The Sacred. Exhibition about Finnish Church architecture compared to European styles. 2000. Global Ethic. Since 2006 in co-operation with Stiftung Weltehtos.

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Virpi Paulanto
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Head of the organisation
Virpi Paulanto