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1431 cadde 1458 sokak 15/12 Çukurambar-Ankara

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
General Information
We are a national NGO based in Ankara/Turkey , we have branches in İstanbul and Trakya. Our bugdet is based more on projects we have concluded three projects in the year of 2019. Our main sources in the local manicipalities and fees of our members. We do weekly conferences in Universities regarding the main topics in the agenda. We have a yearly plan and try to hold to it. We have many local and international partners which we have mentioned on our website. 
Mission and Objectives

Genç Düşünce Enstitüsü has been established in Ankara 3.years ago. We are actively working on youth policies and volunteering law in Turkey. Genç Düşünce Enstitüsü is a establisher delegate of ( Gençlik Örgütleri Forumu-GOFOR) and Ulusal Gençlik Parlamentosu. Besides that active member of the Check and Balances Network and for the time I am the network representative for the up coming 3 years. We have completed several projects regarding youth-roma youth-alevi youth and social democratic policies in youth. More information can be found at which we have established quite decently. 

Main Projects / Activities

Voluntter rights 
Democratic participation
Youth rights 

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Since 2015 we are the member of the Check and Balance Network in Turkey and right now I am the Network Representative of the network . Besides that we are involved in Gofor which is a network regarding youth participation. After we are established , we can get our ideas on media - have several informative gatherings in several cities such as Edirne-Ankara-Mardin etc. Be a useful partner.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We wish to be part of this family and share our knowledge and wider our understandings. Therefore we wish to be part of this network and establish common ideas for the democratic participation. 

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Muratcan isildak
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Head of the organisation
Muratcan IŞILDAK