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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Environment/Sustainable development
  2. International/Cultural relations
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  4. Research
  5. Youth and education
General Information
Glopolis is an independent think-tank focusing on global challenges and the response of the Czech Republic and the EU to them in the context of sustainable development. Structure - please see attached organigram Budget - EUR 680 000 (2016) Sources of funding - EC/EU, Czech Developmental Agency, RSJ a.s., US Embassy, the Municipality of the Capital City Prague, Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Praha, Interreg Central Europe Modalities of action and main partners: primarily concrete projects (please see partners on website) and consultancy activities    
Mission and Objectives

Glopolis strives to support the Czech Republic's active role in long-term sustainable development. In the field of food, environment and energy, finance and migration we contribute to a change in Czech society and its attitudes through widening horizons, linking up civil society with politics and business, and offering help in searching for responses to global challenges. Glopolis provides visions, analyses and training, organizes debates and public campaigns and builds local partnerships.

Main Projects / Activities

You can find the list of our current projects on our website.
Our main areas of work include:

food: responsible consumption and food systems, food waste (incl. global education projects and a film festival)

environment and energy: international, EU and Czech energy and climate policy, organic agriculture and greening business, nature/biodiversity conservation

finance: financing for sustainable development with a focus on fair taxation, innovative investment

migration: exploring deeper roots of dissatisfaction and better communication of migration, analyzing trends in external migration policy and their on impact on sustainable development,

sustainable development: facilitating Czech civil society's contribution to the national strategy on sustainable development and the building of cross-sectoral partnerships for sustainable development

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can offer:

participation at events (seminars, lectures and panel discussions, a film festival)

resources on a spectrum of topics

consultancy on specific topics

consultancy and audit of organizations (support for a more sustainable/responsible approach)

(university) courses, incl. tailor-made

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Networking, identification of new partnerships and opportunities at both national and international levels; capacity-building opportunities; exchange of best practices

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Vendula Menšíková
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Analyst and Project Coordinator
Head of the organisation
Petr Lebeda
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Linda Gandalovičová
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Project Coordinator