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Human Supporters Association (HSA)

National Network: 
Darwazeh Building, Old Najah Street, Western entrance of the old city
Mobile Phone: 
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

- Full-time employees: 1 Director, 1 project coordinator, 1 development officer, 1 Activity coordinator, 2 Psychologists, 1 theatre teacher, 1 accountant, 2 teachers and 1 Logistic Assistant
Part-time: 5 teachers and 50 committed volunteers
- Income(NIS): 288771, Expenses(NIS): 277894
- Sources of Funding: European Union/ Cooperazione Internazionale Sud-Sud, Italy/ Salam i ragazzi dell'Olivo Milano, Italy/ Association avec Naplouse, France/ Planet Action, France/ Collectif Palestine, France/ Battle for Education, France/ Amics De Palanques, Spain/ Euro Mediterranean Human Right Fund, Denmark/ Medico International, Germany/ Self Financing projects (selling embroideries, cook-book, etc.)
- PROJECTS: Voice of Kids/ "Promoting children, youth, and women education and psychological wellbeing in Nablus old city" Project/ Human Right Theatre Project/ Summer Camp “Living together”/ Puppets project ; EXCHANGES: Nanterre Municipality, France ; SEMINARS: in cooperation with CEMEA, "Training of Facilitator", Nantes, France

Mission and Objectives: 

Human Supporters Association’s mission is to empower, mobilize, and serve the local community with a special focus on children, youth and women; to ensure their psycho-educational wellbeing and teach them how to become proactive in their own society in a positive, productive manner; to pave the way for future leaders with a self-critical approach and to prevent Nablus’ traumatized children and youth from developing without required help and provide them with the needed psychological support.
Our objectives are therefore to aid the affected people and reintegrate them back into society whilst giving them equal opportunities to have an impact on their society; to build a tolerable society and eradicate discrimination against social classes, and gender and religious inequality; to encourage the provision of equal opportunities for cultural and recreational activities for children, youth, and women and to increase financial independency and develop networks with local and international organizations.

Main Projects / Activities: 

- Human Rights Theatre Project, a psycho-educational project that aims at teaching children between the ages of 13 and 16 years about human rights and helping them use theater to practice their right of expression through writing and acting plays in the same context
- Voice of Kids Project is a psycho-educational project that targets children between the ages of 12 and 15 years and encourages them to have a positive and proactive approach to demand change in the society and express themselves in a magazine distributed worldwide called "Voice of Kids" magazine
- “Living together” Summer Camp, a project with a socio-cultural approach which promotes tolerance for differences between children with different religions
- "Promoting children, youth, and women education and psychological wellbeing in Nablus old city" Project which offers Literacy classes, School support in Arabic, Mathematics and English and the Child-to-Child support Program as a way to expand education opportunities and promote psychosocial wellbeing, rights, and participation among the abovementioned groups in the Occupied Palestinian Territories (OPT)

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

The specific experiences and methods of HSA, along with its own networks, would provide an excellent contribution towards the ALF Network in Palestine.HSA’s commitment towards grass root level cooperation would enhance the foothold of ALF in Palestine and the region.

Doing so will provide additional strength to ALF’s core values of promoting intercultural diversity and cooperation. Inclusion within AFL’s network would provide further voice and weight behind ALF’s mission, through their promotion within HSA’s networks and partnerships. As an NGO which is closely tied to the local community through grassroots participation, HSA can promote ALF’s goals and ideals through important local and regional contacts. Additionally by joining the ALF Network, HSA hopes to share its knowledge, gained through its grass roots assistance to the community. This entails particular experiences of operating in a conflict affected environment, with the specific trauma this features. This contrasting experience of operating under a military occupation, alien to most of the network abroad, makes HSA unique from most other members based abroad in the help it can offer the Network in Palestine.HSA’s focus upon a grass roots approach to serving the local community, by empowering and integrating vulnerable groups, especially children, youth and women, has provided a rich source of knowledge which would be valuable to other organizations. HSA would be willing to share its staff’s specific skills in dealing with educational and psychological issues and trauma. This would allow others to benefit from an approach, which has abandoned traditional educational and physiological methods, in favour of an inclusive and participatory based approach. The nontraditional approach adopted by HSA, along with its experience in the unique case of Palestine, offers an alternative source of ideas and inspiration. Along with its own contacts and networks, this provides a great opportunity to enhance the ALF Network in Palestine. By doing so HSA, in partnership with ALF and its Network’s members, can better promote a shared commitment to intercultural understandings and partnerships.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Participating in ALF’s unique and wide ranging Network would be of enormous benefit to HSA. As an NGO targeting vulnerable sections of the community, HSA strives to create additional connections with a variety of regional and international actors. In doing so it aims to further enhance its reputation, to better meet the needs of those it seeks to help. By joining ALF’s network of over 3,000 civil society institutions, HSA hopes to overcome particular stereotypes and misunderstandings associated with the Palestinians and other peoples and cultures. Acting in line with ALF’s core values, a partnership would help to bridge cultural and societal confusions through the promotion of an intercultural strategy. Joining the ALF Network would enhance both HSA and ALF’s shared commitment towards shared essential fundamental values, focused around intercultural respect and tolerance for pluralism and diversity, as well as respect between societies, religions and fundamental freedoms.

ALF’s core principles upon which it has forged networks with other organizations, is an immense attraction. Special focus upon cooperation between member organizations, coordinating institutions and ALF, in addition to special attention towards a consultative approach, provides an excellent potential for the sharing of knowledge and ideas between networks. In addition, a focus upon mobilization and participation of members encourages further cooperation. The assistance provided by ALF in securing and developing these networks provides an invaluable source of expertise.

ALF’s focus around education provides an essential overlap. This would build upon already existing educational methods applied by HSA. Additionally HSA would gain tremendous insight from interactions with organizations across the network, specializing in other key activities, such as media and public opinion as well as culture and creativity.

AFL’s core values, especially its promotion of cross cultural understanding, along with its encouragement of coordination, consultation, mobilization and assistance, has created a series of networks of immense knowledge and strength. In joining HSA would vastly improve upon its existing approaches especially towards education.

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
Wajdi Yaeesh
Head of the organisation: 
Duha Bezreh