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I learn

National Network: 
Amman 1111
+962 7 9282 8150
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+962 7 9638 3277
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+962 791622748
Mobile Phone (other): 
+962 791622748
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Public/Private Non-Profit Foundation
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General Information: 

In 2012, I Learn was founded with a small scale academic program and psychosocial programs aimed at giving children and youth a place to express themselves, learn new things, and interact with the large world around them. Ever since, we have scaled our work to reach thousands of young people and parents, and built partnerships on the national and international level.
During the proceeding years we reached these numbers ;
• More than 1800 children enrolled in the camps held by I Learn and supported by our partners Drosos , Zain Jordan, Women Micro fund.
• More than 300 volunteers took part in the activities of I Learn camps.
• 30 camps held in different locations in Jordan (Jerash, Zarqa, Baqa’a, Altafileh,Alazraq Kherbet al Souq, Alhashen Alshamali,Alramtha and Deerala)
• More than 800 sessions conducted from different subjects (Arts, Life Skills, Language and IT)
• 500 Students from 4 public schools in Amman and Jarash engaged in our Activities through a National programme with an aim to building capacity for youth from ages 14-16 ,implemented by the Ministry of Education
• 10 CBOs partnered in the implementation of Camps.

Mission and Objectives: 

Youth Support
Through innovative educational approaches we 
seek to establish a mentality that fosters intellectual 
growth and strengthened agency of disenfranchised 
youths. Through increasing the capabilities of local 
youths they in-turn can affect their communities on a 
larger-scale as future leaders and role models.
Community Engagement
As I Learn engages the most targeted members of 
the local communities, we fill a critical deficiency by 
providing personal agency through legal education, 
cultural enrichment, and entrepreneurship. 
Increased outreach and recruitment campaigns bring 
together participants with volunteer educators, 
role models, and our partners in a environment that 
allows them to affect their communities from within.
Child Development
By educating children in a creative and safe 
environment we encourage diversity and critical 
thinking that forms the foundation for their 
continued growth. We employ innovative educational 
approaches that includes art and digital knowledge, 
which supplements formal education and allows the 
children to reach their true potentials

Main Projects / Activities: 

A. Approach

I Learn’s local initiatives are grounded in the needs of the local community. By consulting the community’s youth 

we are able to identify their specific needs and then to develop tailored steps to increase the capabilities of the 

communities to realize those needs. At the same time consulting the community help expand our outreach and 

build lasting networks.

Our programs are especially tailored to the needs of the community, in particular for students that are at risk 

of or have lost faith in formal education as well as underachieving students. Our curriculums encourage self-

learning and respects the student’s natural psychological and social development.

A wide range of workshops beside informal educational techniques are employed outside the classroom to 

build valuable life skills such as communication, entrepreneurship, and critical thinking. These capabilities are 

then reinforced through recreational activities and youth-led collaborative projects that influence the wider 

community and increase the participants’ self-esteem.

B. Components

1. Academic Support: Through our visitor volunteer program and with the help of local educators we supplement the 

formal education of the youths at secondary and higher-educational levels. Our curriculum is tailored to the youth’s’ 

specific needs and includes teaching subjects such as english, mathematics, and accounting.

2. Informal Education: Programs that employ informal teaching methods that include workshops and collaborative 

projects teach valuable life skills such as entrepreneurship, creative thinking, and other skills that aid the youth in their 

personal endeavors. The programs are an ongoing process that continuously reinforce and develop these crucial skills, 

which are also integrated into our other programs of academic support and community building.

3. Volunteerism : Mutual support between the partners and participants of I Learn foster knowledge sharing and the 

continued involvement of alumni of our youth programs as future role models and volunteers. This culture of supporting 

the community builds the foundation for the eventual creation of independent self-sustaining entities, whereby the 

central organization of I Learn assumes a mentorship role.


A. Approach

The children of disenfranchised communities are often its most vulnerable members. One of our core principles are 

innovation, meaning that we employ teaching methods that nurtures self-esteem and creative self-learning that allow 

access to the basic rights that children should enjoy.

With the help of volunteers and caregivers from the community, we are able to, through our informal education, form a 

safe and creative learning environment. Our methods include elements of teaching through art, recreational activities, 

and academic support.

These methods influence the self-esteem and confidence in the value of education of our participants by showing that 

knowledge can indeed be reached by fun and creative means. Further meaningful life skills are also attained while 

greater psychosocial well-being is promoted within the safety of our learning environment.

B. Components

1. Language through creativity: Our interactive teaching methods focus on teaching english through the use of art, 

dance, and music, among other things, that foster a fun and collaborative environment. Not only are the methods more 

effective but also values the inherent creativity of children while promoting psychosocial well being.

2. Programming: In a rapidly modernizing world, I Learn aim to fill the gap of formal education by teaching children 

the skills necessary to succeed in the future. In collaboration with our partners we offer digitalized courses that teach 

valuable skills within STEM subjects in a creative and innovative way.

3. Art: By bringing facilitators with artistic backgrounds through our Visitor Volunteer Program we are able to host 

workshops and projects that teach design and creative thinking. The workshops allow the children to express their 

emotions in a safe and responsible environment that promotes their mental and physical well-being.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

nastatie 'an nasila lieadad shabab bishakl kabir wasarie fi mintaqatina. lidaem alshabab watadribihum washarkhm 

عرض المزيد

We can reach a large and fast youth population in our region.
To support and train young people and participate in most activities in the institution and share their ideas and give them opportunities in obtaining technical and logistical support. In building their projects and initiatives

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

I want to be a member in order to exchange experiences with other institutions, support young people in the Euro-Mediterranean region, and develop and promote education

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Doaa jamal Alabdallat
Job Title: 
Managing Director
Head of the organisation: 
Saddam Sayyaleh
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Fatimah Ahmad Ali Qablan
Job Title: 
Volunteer and Project coordinator media information literacy