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Ideaz. Platform for Intercultural and Comparative Research

National Network: 
Zirkusgasse 27/16
A – 1020 Vienna
+ 43 (0)72033203797
Mobile Phone: 
+ 43 (0)664 5174742
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. Network structure: two full-time researchers. We hire research staff according to the needs of our projects.
2. The budgetary resources depend on the projects that we acquire during a year.
3. Private and public sponsoring.
4. Seminars, research projects, academic meetings
5. We have co-operated with the Swiss and Canadian Embassies in Vienna and with the Vienna Institute for Development and Cooperation

Mission and Objectives: 

Ideaz is a non-profit association in Vienna (Austria) aiming to provide a bringing-together of academics, intellectuals, and cultural workers from the South (mainly from the Arab/Muslim World, Asia, Africa and Latin America) and the industrialized countries in the North. The intention is to offer a space that can serve as a truly translocal and transnational place of critical and self-critical ideas, projects and perspectives. Thus, Ideaz supports a discourse of knowledge that is not limited to the established trajectories of scientific knowledge between the “northern” countries (Western Europe, North America and Japan), but explicitly incorporates representatives from often neglected “Southern” places. Especially for this second group of persons – established as well as junior scholars and artists – Ideaz will offer the possibility of intercultural encounters in Austria

Main Projects / Activities: 

1. Research Projects on intercultural and comparative issues in the following fields of research
• Modernity and Technology in an intercultural perspective.
The expected outcome is the analysis of different cultural concepts and approaches to modernity and technology from a southern perspective.
• Reactions of civil society to the challenges of globalization in a comparative perspective
Research will focus on the role of civil society in an increasingly connected world with special emphasis on “southern“ countries and the uneven relationships between North and South.
2. (Co-)organisation of conferences and lectures

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Johannes Mark
Head of the organisation: 
Johannes Mark
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Christian Sushi