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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Democracy and community development
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General Information
iiDebate is a non-profit, whose mission is to develop next generation of civic leaders, activists and change agents by giving young people the opportunity to actively participate in the political process. By opening up spaces for democratic education and youth participation in schools and government, we strive to prioritize the needs of low-income youth and under-resourced schools and regions.iiDebate has a board of advisors composed by our supporters from different iNGOs, Partners or other. We also have three executive board members and 12 staff members. Finally we also have our chapters in 7 regions managed by executive board in each local chapter and volunteers part of "iiDebate Innovation & Research Center". We manage every year more than 150K$ and we have different projects mainly focusing on:  Education reform program: using debate as a tool to integrate it part of the educational system, also through our IRCs that represent the HUBs inside educational institutions  Rehabilitation program: By working in prison's, areas with very high rate of violence and through our Drabzeen Academy we try to train trainers who can impact their local communities through knowledge sharing  Community resilience: In this program we use all the scientific approaches to reach the youth community resilience in rural and vulnerable areas. Our approach is based on "People Development Model" and "Community Youth Mapping". 
Mission and Objectives

Through iiDebate work we want to create an alternative platform for non-formal education that can be used in all the institutions, centers of training and center of rehabilitation. We see young people as the main power for any change we want to reach however the tools and the current mentality is always limited by the classic approach. Our objectives are: 
1/ Integrate debate part the school system 
2/ Make all organization experts in debate through a capacity building program and integrate it as part of their activities 
3/ Create a platform for exchange of opportunities between young people

Main Projects / Activities

Cafe Talk: Café Talk is about organizing open discussions in Cafes. We aim to bring young people together by giving them the space to discuss and debate about topics they feel concerned about.  We believe that having powerful conversations is the first step to improve our communities and make change.
Tounsi W Nghayer: 
it’s an incubator project that aims at promoting youth initiatives in Tunisia all within a vivid competition frame set around an exciting gaming theme.
Tounsi W Nghayer is launched in 6 different regions across Tunisia; Tunis, Bizerte, Sfax, Gabes, Gafsa and Sidi Bouzid. The competition is an election simulation process for young people to discover the basics of civic education and why elections is important in our daily life. The competition also aims to solve an issue matter or develop the community /governorate they are in. This election simulation was first organised in 2016 reaching more than 200 participants, today it is executed in Tunisia in more than 6 regions and it targetted more than 200 participants. 
Drabzeen Academy Tunisia: Since human development is the process of enlarging people’s capacities and potentials, the Drabzeen Tunisian Academy envisages contributing in this endeavor through training learners on several areas of thought, knowledge and skills. Through this intended development, learners will be enabled to be efficiently active in their communities on the one hand, and to embark in their professional career while equipped with the necessary knowledge and modern skills on the other hand. Indeed, capacity building has become a major ambition for learners, mostly youth, considering the ongoing and rapid evolvement of societies and employability requirements. It is a key element for taking an active, leading role in social change.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We were part of ALF through Young Arab voices before and through UNESCO, and we saw what ALF is doing in the region with a great impact and large network. Today; we believe that joining the network could very interesting to share our expertise in debate or teaching through creative methods. Also, to reach a new level of applying democracy in a country where everything is possible nowadays. Also, part of our decentralization process, we would like to make our big network of more than 10000 people to hear about the opportunities and share it with them.  

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Joining ALF could be very impacful for iIDebate in term of networking, in term of scale up our work, in term of scaling up our programs and finances as many activities from which iID is working are on the same scope of work of ALF. Finally, IIDebate is working also mainly on debate and collaborating with the YMV could be very interesting in inetgrating the debate education part of the educational program. 

Additional Information
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Elyes Guermazi
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Head of the organisation
Elyes Guermazi
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Mohamed Essghir
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