Information and Nature Conservation Foundation (INCF)

National Network

65 Postoyanstvo Str. , bl. 260 , entr. A, ap. 12
Sofia 1111

+ 359 2 872 14 83
Telephone (other)
+ 359 2 871 86 17
+ 359 2 872 14 83
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Mobile Phone
+ 359 899 817 204
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+ 359 887 214 858
Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Heritage
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Media
General Information
INCF has one full time Executive Director, three non-paid experts members of the management Board, 3 part time assistants and dozens of freelance experts hired on short term contracts on specific assignments. The Foundation works with funding mainly from international sources: the European Foundation PAN Parks; N.H.Hardner Foundation (USA); CANON Europe, UNDP, USAID, SIETAR Europa and some frоm national institutions such as the Ministry of Environment and Waters. In the last year the turnover of the Foundation increased to more than 68 000 Euro. INCF works in partnership with municipalities, governmental organizations, NGOs, private business for projects development and implementation in the thematic areas listed below. We work on projects realisation, events management; workshops, trainingс and study tours organization and implementation, etc.
Mission and Objectives

The INCF works in benefit of local communities` capacity building; civil society development; improvement of communication between cultures, people and institutions; information sharing and creation of a new communication culture in the Bulgarian society able to understand, adopt and implement contemporary civil practices and nature protection and biodiversity conservation.

Main Projects / Activities

Our goals are:
∙ Study and preserve the Bulgarian cultural traditions; help foreigners orient and adapt to Bulgarian cultural traditions through consultations and trainings;
- Study and protect the biodiversity through sustainable development of Bulgaria’s rural areas, implementing standards for environmentally sound practices for natural resources management;
∙ Capacity building of local communities and different social groups for use of new information technologies and nature conservation practices;
∙ Support institutions in introduction and implementation of national, EC and international legal and political instruments concerning the landscape and biodiversity conservation and sustainable development.
∙ Bulgarian culture trainings and consultations
∙ Biodiversity resources assessment, conservation and sustainable use; agro-ecology; protected areas management
∙ Public awareness and communications, capacity building and networking
∙ Education and training
- Sustainable nature based tourism development
Information for recent projects may find in the attached file.

Contact (1) Full Name
Mrs. Svetlana Aladjem
Head of the organisation
Mr. Vladimir Galabov
Contact (2) Full Name
Mrs. Dimitrina Boteva