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Institute of International Relations Prague (IIR) / Ústav mezinárodních vztahů (ÚMV)

National Network: 
Czech Republic
Institute of International relations Prague, Nerudova 3, Prague 1 - Malá Strana
118 50 Prague
Czech Republic
+420 606 330 233
00420251108 222
Mobile Phone: 
00420 607582739
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

1. Director's department.; Information dep. - Library; Diplomatic Academy; Research dep.: Centre for European Analysis, Centre for Security Analysis, Centre for Area Studies; Publications: IIR Journals: Mezinárodní politika (International Politics), Mezinárodní vztahy (International Relations), Perspectives Total systemized jobs: 63, researcher 21, 2. Budget: 54 mil. CZK 3. State Budget, Grant Agency, Public Budget,Allowances

Mission and Objectives: 

The research of international political, security and economic relations, i.e. a systematic collection, processing and communication of knowledge within this field for the use and needs of the Czech Republic as an international actor is the IIR’s research activity subject. At the same time, the Institute provides for the communication and dissemination of knowledge acquired by Czech researchers and experts internationally. European integration, international security, international development and analysis of several world regions have been at the centre of the IIR’s research focus. As for the research of regional issues the IIR will analyse, in particular, the regional dimensions of the key international issues with a direct impact on the Czech Republic. The research covers the Balkans, Mediterranean area, the Middle East and North Africa as well as the Sub-Saharan Africa. These territories is studied chiefly in relation to the EU Common Foreign and Security Policy.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Foreign Ministry grant: Perspectives and Possibilities of the Development of the NATO Mediterranean Dialog; Islamist Movements; Political Culture of Palestinian Society; Possibilities of the Regional Cooperation in the Middle East; Confidence Building Measures and Arms Control in the Near East; Czech Republic and Developing Worlds and the "Interests of Czech Republic; Greek-Turkish Relation in the Context of European Integration; Migration from the Arab World; The Mediterranean- European Union- Czech Republic; European Integration and the Czech Interests (Barcelona process and New Neighborhood Policy toward Mediterranean region)-long term project in the framework of National Program of Research, Different international org.: Concept of the Foreign Development Aid of the Czech Republic for 2002-2007; National Security Strategy of the Czech Republic; The Operative Space of Smaller States in Central Europe; Organised Crime in Europe and many others.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Mr. Pavla Zacalova
Job Title: 
Head of Network Coordinator
Head of the organisation: 
Mr. Pavla Zacalova