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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Environment/Sustainable development
  3. Gender
  4. Human rights
  5. Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  6. Youth and education
General Information
The intellect and debating society is a social club that was founded in Amman, Jordan on November 21, 2016, by students at Princess Sumaya University for Technology (PSUT). We are a platform for the Jordanian youth, that are interested in debating, to raise awareness,  to influence the environment and make a difference within Arab and international communities. Our society has over 400 members from multiple universities in Jordan. We partake in many projects that are usually funded by PSUT. However, each project is funded by different sources, we also have many partners inside of  Jordan who provide us with financial and logistic support such as; Ministry of Youth and PSUT. Other partners include Phi Scientific Institute and Qatar Debates. We have many concrete projects that we hold on an annual basis, these include Debatathon, Rushd and Al Muhtaraf. We hold multiple seminars and training sessions throughout the year in local schools and universities.
Mission and Objectives

Our vision is to have an effective and influential youth platform, which contributes to building a strong, liberate, and a confident generation that isn’t afraid to break the boundaries, and hold on to their core values which make them up as separate individuals, and as a community as a whole. 
We aim to create awareness within the society, to enhance the linguistic and speech skills of the Jordanian youth in numerous languages. Also, we aim to enable them to present their primary values and principles using constructive tools in a distinctive and civilized way. Furthermore, to be able to face challenges and overcome them with the correct and new methodology. Our ambition is to promote healthy criticism, take in and accept diversity in all forms. 
We aim to resolve controversies and disputes 
Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of arguments
Compare between different ideas, and opinions
Learn how to accept other points of view and perspectives 
Learn how to build constructive arguments 
Build a community that is interested in learning how to have a real effective debate on a topic 
Create a public opinion on controversial issues
Having discussions and debates on technological, economic, environmental, democratic, and other topics that are rapidly changing
Creating a safe, and open-free environment and platform that enables people to present their ideas, arguments, and opinions  
And most importantly, learn how to have a constructive discussion and debate,  and not argue for the sake of arguing

Main Projects / Activities

Public Debates Project
We have attended many debates with Phi Scientific Institute in Arabic and English, and our first public debate in English practicing the British Parliamentary system in the Arab Artificial Intelligence Summit (AAIS) that was organized by Phi Scientific Institute.
Project of university training
Hashemite university, Jordan university, and other university clubs.
School training project
Omaria school, establishing debate clubs in schools.
Training project
Training done for professionals, unions, teachers, engineers and doctors. 
Championships Projects
Local championships, Arabic, English, and Open National Championships
The project of preparing international representatives for Jordan, the contestants and awards
National University Debate Championship held on 20-22/April/2018
Collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Youth
Our Arabic team took part in the Student Industrial Engineering Conference

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As a pioneering institution in empowering public speech and sound argumentation, and being an active platform for the Jordanian youth, we intend on empowering, inspiring, bringing together the society, and building a movement to promote ways to enhance healthy thinking, accepting other points of view, creating awareness through using constructive tools in a distinctive and civilized way. 
We found an opportunity in our society, as everyone wants to promote healthy criticism, but none have the right tools to move in that direction, but we created a platform that enforces, directs, and enables people to present their primary values and principles in a civilized manner.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We want to join ALF because it will increase our chances of adding more value and reaching more people to deliver our message. We want to spread and implement a healthy way of thinking, knowing how to criticize appropriately, build correct arguments, and having a debate for the sake of hearing different perspectives. 
We also want to provide a platform that builds a safe zone for arguments and inclusivity. We want to create a comprehensive approach to reach a solution. Thus, fighting radical ideas and narratives, but in a new and sophisticated way. We aim to reach as many people as we can, and joining the ALF will help us reach that goal. As well as inspiring generations to raise their voices, fight for what they believe in, and generally build a more open community that is able to communicate properly.

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Abdulrhman AlFityani
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President and Founder
Head of the organisation
Abdulrhman AlFityani
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Mohammed Kifah El Hafez
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Board Member