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Interkulturelles Zentrum (Intercultural Centre - Youth Exchange Programmes)

National Network: 
Bacherplatz 10
A – 1050 Vienna
+ 43 (0)1 586 75 44 20
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

IZ promotes the development of relations between people of different cultural origin and trains people to carry out practical intercultural work in the areas “education”, “youth work”, adult education.
IZ co-operates with international institutions (Council of Europe, European Commission, UNESCO), ministries in Austria and Europe.
IZ was awarded the World Aware Award for Global Education 2000 and 2005 by the Council of Europe.
The budget fully depends on funds from European and Austrian insti¬tutions, partners and private sources. Annual turnover 2005 ca. 800.000 €.

Mission and Objectives: 

Intercultural Education
In a situation of confusion, where individual knowledge, social forms of behavior, and personal action can no longer rely on established traditions for guidance, education becomes key. Education signifies not only the communication of knowledge and skills, it also appertains to the development of social skills and personal integrity.
The aim of intercultural education is to communicate insights, to reinforce motivations, and to encourage forms of action that empower people to exercise their basic rights and to contribute actively to the shaping of democratic, pluralistic societies.
Interkulturelles Zentrum’s aims and field of work
The work of Interkulturelles Zentrum gives priority to self-reflective, experience-oriented, and social learning processes before the receptive acquisition of knowledge and the practice of purely technical exercises. Personal encounters and joint action are contributions considered central to the development of an awareness a

Main Projects / Activities: 

• youthNET SEE
Long-term project aiming at the development of youth policy and co-operation as contributions towards tolerance and understanding in Southeast Europe.
• youthNET CIS
Initiative towards enhancing co-operation between the European Union and the neighboring countries in East Europe-Russia, Belarus, Ukraine.
• Training of Trainers / YOUTH
The course consists of three seminars and a supervised practical assignment.
Tolerance Campaign in FYROM
Partner of British Council advice to youth policy development.
• International School Partnerships
Since 1990 we initiate, consult and support school partnerships with countries all over the world - more that 4500 projects.
• Education for Global Citizenship
Pupils, teachers, NGOs and educational experts from Austria, Italy, the Netherlands, Cameroon and Chile jointly develop pedagogical approaches and methods for global education.
• EURED – Peace Education in Europe
Co-initiator of the UNESCO/EURED teacher training cour

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Iréne Stenmo
Head of the organisation: 
Mag. Rebecca Zeilinger