Islamic Religious Authority of Austria / Islamische Glaubensgemeinschaft in Österreich (IGGiÖ)

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Presidential Offices: Bernardgasse 5, 1070 Vienna/AUSTRIA;
Departments: Neustiftgasse 117, 1070 Vienna/AUSTRIA


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Public Institution
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  1. Religion
General Information
The IGGiÖ is a corporation under public law and the official representation of Austrian Muslims. It serves as an umbrella organisation of more than 250 Muslim associations in whole Austria. There are IGGiÖ-branches in 8 of the 9 Austrian provinces. The main responsibility of the IGGiÖ is the state-funded supply of Islamic religious education at Austrian public and private schools. About 60.000 pupils of Islamic confession attend Islamic religious education lessons. Beside the IGGiÖ is providing all services related to Islamic care-taking, f.e. in hospital, military services, marriages, burrials etc. The organisation is running different institutions to train Islamic religious teachers. Also they offer kindergartens and private Islamic schools. The main partner in the organisation's responsibilities is the Austrian Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture. The President of the organization and its officials are working on a honorary basis. The President is elected according to its Constitution every four years. Since 2011 Dr. Fuat Sanac, he is of Turkish origin, is the acting president. The Muslim communities in Austria are mainly with a Turkish background, followed by Bosnian and Arab associations. The estimated percentage of Muslims living in Austria is 6,2% (EU-Standard is about 3,5%; as of 2013).
Mission and Objectives

According to the Constitution the tasks of the IGGiÖ concern primarily “the keeping and care of religion among the followers of Islam”. Furthermore the IGGiÖ is linking-up between governmental and civil institutions. The dialogue with the Austrian non-Muslim society is a major objective to combat prejudices and stereotypes by offering information on Islam and Austrian Muslims and promote a more active participation of Muslims in Austrian society.

Main Projects / Activities

Beside the official responibilites of the Islamic Religious Authority in Austria, the organisation is very committed in dialogue activities. The IGGiÖ organized with the support of the Austrian Foreign Ministry and other governmental authorities 4 "Imam-Conferences", in 2003, 2006 and 2010 on European level (incl. Shia representation) and in 2005 an Austrian Imam-Conference. Dialogue affirming declarations have been issued on these conferences with special consideration of supporting women in inter-religous dialogue. On national level the IGGiÖ is implementing various initiatives, f.e. training programmes for female spiritual advisers in Muslim communities and so-called dialogue officers.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Offer an outreach to the Muslim communitites in Austria for initiatives related to inter-religious dialogue,further education programmes etc. Encourage the participation of Muslim youth and Muslim people living in Austria in the issues of the ALF activities and the foundation's mission. Promote exchange and networking with other NGOs withing the Austrian and the Mediterranean societies relatied to dialogue of cultures.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

To add the voice of a religous minority in the network's actions, also with the aim to encourage Austrian Muslims to participate in projects, network-activities and offer the possibility of exchange within the Austrian NGO-society and the international one.

Contact (1) Full Name
Ms. Agnes Tuna - Associated Adviser
Head of the organisation
Dr. Fuat Sanac - President
Contact (2) Full Name
Dr. Zekirija Sejdini - Head of Shura Council, Press Officer