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جمعية الشارع الثقافي The Cultural Street Association

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Rawda bldg, facing the Lebanese Kuweiti School, ground floor.
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Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Cultural Street is a non-profit NGO, independent of any political affiliation in its direction, vision, mission, and work.It has been established since 2005 with a decree number 268/AD Issued by the Lebanese ministry of Interior.Its main goal is to develop leadership and initiative skills on the level of the individual and the community academically, creatively, and socially.Our main objective is to spread awareness among the youth and deepen their cultural and intercultural thinking skills, social skills, citizenship skills, mental skills, and creative skills to empower them to build a better community and boost the society on various levels.

Financial support: by the members' contributions, grants and funding provided by local and international associations and boards, according to the proposed projects.

Mission and Objectives: 

Vision: To develop creative and cultural thought to be the gateway to the development and development of society.


1- develop the cultural and social knowledge in the city through conducting workshops and hosting activities that tend to develop the cultural value if the city.

2- To foster culture knowledge through all types of creative arts that tend to reveal the hidden talents of the young.

3-Conducting charitable, and social events in collaboration with other NGOs in Lebanon.

4- Enhance the relation with officials and initiate and share ideas with decision makers in order to preserve the cultural value of the city by proposing projects designed by experts in the field, seeking to make change on a significant level.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Bridging the Gap Project: Project Keys: (Education - Heritage - Media - Development)

100 Students participated to the project from public and private school in Saida city, to document the spoken history of Bishop Basilios Hajjar Street, known as Shakrieh Street, by identifying the most important archaeological and basic landmarks in the street through training workshops on how to document, interview, photography and video, and the preparation of development ideas through specialized workshops in the development of entrepreneurial skills. The result of the project was the creation of a documentary and a booklet on the historical and tourist importance of the street. (November 2018 to April 2019).

The project was funded by the US Embassy in Beirut and co-operated by the Hariri Foundation for Sustainable Development and the Sidon and Neighborhood School Network.

My Toy Treasure  loabati kanz :  : Project Keys: (Arts - Humanitarian - Charity)

chemotherapy patients visit the hospital regularly to take the necessary treatment as well as patients in the hospital to implement an environmental game that is entertaining them in the implementation and when sold due to the support of patients in the department, and funded by the association and in cooperation with Hammoud University Hospital In Sidon.

Shakierh Street Development Project: : Project Keys: (Heritage - Media - Development)

The Association is urging the concerned authorities of the Municipality of Sidon and political officials to work on organizing and improving the conditions of the street because of its great importance in the history of the city and all aspects of social, economic and tourism, after the completion of the documentary study in the previous project "Bridging the gap." The association submitted a special report with some designs to the Municipality of Saida to start working on improvements and development.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Through specialized projects and workshops in which experts and specialists contribute in several fields, which need it in our Lebanese society and especially in our city of Saida.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Through the launch of initiatives and ideas in several areas that support the community to become better, and through the exchange of local and international experiences in those areas.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Zaher El Bizri
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Head of the organisation: 
Zaher El Bizri
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Karam Skafi
Job Title: 
Vice president and Public relations