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The Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) Princess Basma Youth Resource Center الصندوق الأردني الهاشمي للتنمية البشرية / مركز الأميرة بسمة للشباب /جهد

National Network: 
127 Madina Street, PO Box 5118
Amman 5118
+962 6 55 60 741
Telephone (other): 
00962 6 505 2431
+962 6 5515950
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Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Princess Basma Youth Resource Center (PBYRC) was established under the Jordanian Hashemite Fund for Human Development (JOHUD) as a response to the growing needs of young Jordanians and has worked with community stakeholders since 2002. Youth constitute a significant portion of the Jordanian population and are often excluded or absent from the development process. Utilizing JOHUD’s 50 Community Development Centers (CDC) PBYRC implements and designs projects in four thematic areas: 1) Civic Engagement, 2) Economic Empowerment, 3) Media for Development, 4) Creative Information Communication Technology (ICT). Through the above mentioned programs, PBYRC has successfully established 12 Debate Clubs, conducted soft-skill training, manages three Employability Centers and operates four film clubs and four after-school community computer Clubhouses. In 2010, PBYRC successfully implemented over 25 projects that targeted over 6000 youth. There are currently 27 staff employed at PBYRC and an additional 20 employed as coordinators within the various debate clubs, film clubs, employability centers and computer clubhouses. PBYRC's partners and donors include various UN agencies, Save the Children, Mercy Corps, the Royal Film Commission, USAID, the European Commission, the British and American Embassies, the British Council, Open Society Institute, as well as community based organizations in Jordan. More at: -


Mission and Objectives: 

Vision: PBYRC empowers Jordanian youth to use their voices,participate in their community, and to think creatively and creatively about their own unique role in society. Mission: To promote the active role of youth in society by encouraging their participation in the development process, though providing a supportive outlet for expression of their opinions and the opportunity to make meaningful contributions to their communities Main Goals: • Enhance youth civic engagement as active partners in the development process. • Empower young people economically through facilitating their reach for decent employment in the labor market • Facilitate youth’s ability to use ICT as an effective tool for learning and self-expression. • Advocate for youth to use their voices and experience their issues through community and social media.

Main Projects / Activities: 

• Debate Clubs: The Great Debate project was established through the support of the British Council and Open Society Institute. In order to sustain the clubs, partnerships have been formed with schools, universities, and other NGOs; and PBYRC is now targeting the deaf community. PBYRC also utilized a training-of-trainers approach to transfer knowledge to local trainers in support of sustainability. The clubs enjoy strong community involvement and ownership, through ongoing participation of the local community and public officials. • SirajProgram: Siraj is a regional USAID and Save the Children funded program that was piloted in 2007 and handed over to JOHUD/PBYRC in 2010. Siraj utilizes interactive sessions to facilitate understanding of youth leadership in the Middle East. The main objective of SIRAJ is to empower young men and women to effect positive change in their lives through active participation and civic engagement. • Film Clubs: Four film clubs, initially funded by the Royal Film Commission, began in 2008, and were slowly handed to JOHUD/PBYRC to manage. Within the four Film Clubs, participants learn and apply technical skills on filmmaking, production, media creation, and script writing. The film clubs operate within three governorates: Irbid, Sahab and Aqaba. • Computer Clubhouses: The community Computer Clubhouse was an initiative started by Intel to connect Jordanians to an Intel network of 120 global Clubhouses. This program provides a creative space for youth to express themselves through software and other technology. The Clubhouses provide a safe and creative environment for self- directed learning on computer and media software under the supervision of mentors to develop their skills and self confidence. * Media: PBYRCs’ Media for Development Program provides a forum for creative expression through community media. Youth utilize PBYRC’s resources to express themselves through different multimedia tools. Photography is one of the major tools that has been vastly used in different projects and programs. The Media for Development Program staff, are experts in photography, graphic design, filmmaking, audio production, and new media tools. Through successful project implementation the Media for Development Program has created an outstanding network of youth and volunteers who have found themselves passionate about media. * Youth Work: Jordan: A USAID funded program that provides employability skills and employment opportunities, civic engagement opportunities and youth friendly services to 1900 unemployed, out-of-school youth in two large underserved areas in Jordan.

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Mohammad Al-Amoush
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Head of the organisation: 
Farah Daghistani
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Zaina Smadi
Job Title: 
Project Coordinator

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