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The Jordanian National commission for women

National Network: 
P.O.Pox 5118, Amman 11183,Jordanwebsite:WWW.women.Jo
Amman 11183
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00962 6 55 26 768
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Organisation Type: 
Local/Regional Authority
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

The Jordanian National Commission for Women was established as a semi-governmental body on (12/3/1992) by the decision of the Prime Ministry and chaired by Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bint Talal. This came as a recognition women’s role and an expression of Jordan's response women’s and society’s needs , and an emphasis of Jordan's commitment to implement national, Arab and international policies and covenants . This includes the commitment to create a national mechanism that promotes women’s and economic, social and political participation, protects her gains, and defends her rights in order to achieve a higher level of social justice and equality between men and women. Based on the Cabinet’s decision on 21/9/1996, the National Commission is considered the reference to all official bodies with regard to women's activities and affairs. Therefore, all official bodies should refer to the commission before making any relative decision or action and the commission would, in turn, presents the recommendations and reports to the Prime Minister . The National Commission consists of 22 members representing the ministries, the national councils and institutions, civil society organizations, and prominent national figures. The National Commission has recently started opening liaison offices in the governorates of the Kingdom. The first stage included: Irbid, Mafraq, Ajloun, Madaba, Karak, and Aqaba.

Mission and Objectives: 

Mission Practicing a multi-dimensional national role including: • Working systematically for women's advancement and empowerment in various fields, • Making positive tangible changes in the status of women, • Removing any forms of discrimination against women in national legislation, policies, plans and programs, and developing the applications and practices to achieve justice and equality. • Maintaining and enhancing women’s achievements and the rights granted to women within the constitution and achieving effective and equal participation with men in all aspects of life. objectives: 1. Modifying women’s issues and needs according to priorities, and including them in the national legislations, strategies, policies, plans and programs. 2. Contributing as a powerful and influential lobbying force in raising general awareness of the importance of the woman's role and consolidating her role in the society’s progress as well as gaining support of different categories for women’s issues. 3. Acting as a national observatory to analyze the mechanisms operating in the field of woman to be documented and institutionalized, and developing an effective monitoring and evaluation system for the activities implemented by the national institutions according to the concerned strategies, policies and plans. 4. Applying the international conventions and agreements endorsed by the government regarding women's rights. 5. Building up the capacities of workers and stakeholders and the teams in the Commission from governmental and non-governmental organizations and the private sector. 6. Activating dialogue and communication with relevant institutions to exchange views and visions in order to empower women. 7. Activating communication and lobbying with Arab and international organizations supporting women's issues to enhance women’s roles in the society.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Key projects of the National Commission: The projects that the National Commission has implemented during the period (2008-2010) can be classified according to the domains of the national strategy for Jordanian women and the implementation mechanisms ,as follows: First: Projects related to the strategy’s implementation mechanisms domain: • Building up the capacities of the National Commission Secretariat. • Developing the action plan of the National Strategy for Jordanian women. • Mapping the activities related to women. • Establishing the Advisory Board of the Jordanian National Commission for Women "Women leaders . • Preparing and launching the national report of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan. (Beijing +15). • Preparing and launching the fifth national report for Jordan's following -up of the recommendations of CEDAW Convention. • Opening liaison offices of the National Commission in the Kingdom’s governorate. • Building up a monitoring and evaluation system to follow up women’s achievements on the national level. • Building up a database on the programs concerning women and gender in the formal sector. • The gender responsive budget project(responsive to the needs of both women and men).

Additional Information: 
Contact (1) Full Name: 
asma khader
Head of the organisation: 
chair person Her royal highness princess Basma Bint Talal and General Secratary her execellency Mrs. A sma Khader
Contact (2) Full Name: 
ashjan al-ananzeh