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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information
The Journalists Support Committee (JSC) is a non-profit organisation representing journalists, writers, broadcasters, reporters, editors, photographers, media worker, and online journalist, from Arab countries. The core mission is to promote media freedom, freedom of expression and speech, under the fundamental right of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). The value of the Journalists Support Committee (JSC) is to establish and maintain a high standard of ethical standards and professionalism within the media industry. The legal registration of the Journalists Support Committee (JSC) is in Geneva (Switzerland) under the article 60 and the subsequent articles of the Swiss Civil Code. The register office of Journalists Support Committee (JSC) is Maison des Associations, 15 Rue des Savoises, 1205 Geneva 
Mission and Objectives

The Association shall pursue the following objectives:
1. To protect and strengthen the rights and freedoms of journalists, and media workers;
2. To defend freedom of press, radio, television, and social media;
3. To campaign for the right to seek, access and receive information through any media platforms;
4. To promote professional standards of journalism, ethics of journalism, and diversity in journalism;
5. To promote the safety of journalists, and to take a stand against all forms of violence on media professionals;
6. To collaborate with other organisations to promote democratic and independent journalism, foster ties, and cultural understanding;
7. To advance the education, skills and competence of people engaged in all forms of journalistic work at all levels of media and across all platforms of media
8. To support and assistance journalists and their families when they are in need;
9. To establish and maintain close relations with relevant international, government and non-government organisations in furtherance of these objectives;
10. To reward and honour outstanding members periodically.

Main Projects / Activities

• Euro-Mediterranean Media Dialogue conference, Tunisia, 15-16 March 2017, the aim is to get journalist and media outlets together to discuses freedom of expression, journalism rights, global reading of the North African media, the Western media approach to combating terrorism, censorship and self-censorship of the Tunisia media, fake news, and ethics of journalism. 
• The Threat Against Journalists Seminar, Geneva, 20 March 2017, the aim is to raise the awareness of the threat against Journalists in the conflict zone and the need to understand the safety procedure set by UNESCO.
• Yemen Media under Attack Side Events, Geneva, 21 September 2016, raise awareness of the crimes committed by against journalists, media workers, and media outlets in Yemen.
• Information Rights for Journalists , Gaza, 26 September 2016, the aim is workshop on imprisoned journalists in Palestine, their experiences in Israeli jails, and how it had shaped their work. The workshop conducted in partnership with International Red Cross.
• Media Rights to Broadcasting Seminar, London, 29 April 2016, the aim is of seminar on free-to-air radio and television rights to broadcast on satellite platform to serve the public to receive information, news, education, and culture.

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Yaser Al Sayegh
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General Secretary
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Yaser Al Sayegh