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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Arts
  2. Human rights
  3. Media
  4. Youth and education
General Information
Les Têtes de l’Art, created in 1996, is a non-profit organisation that has been supporting and promoting participatory arts practices through committed action at the crossroads of culture, informal education, and social and solidarity-based economy. TDA acts for social inclusion and intercultural dialogue by using artistic activities, information and communication technologies and capacity building. Since 2011, TDA provides coaching for artists and small cultural associations in our region, around 70 per year. TDA has developed an open program which adapts to the needs of the sector and strengthens its capacity by providing one to one coaching and professional training on topics such as: governance, economic model, specific knowledge about the sector and the local context, management & financial tools, fundraising and development of strategies, entrepreneurship. By supporting small cultural organisations, which employ mainly participatory methods, TDA aims to promote the idea of an inclusive society which enables people to become actors of their environment and their future. Since 2010, TDA has a participative television called Boulègue TV. TDA attaches great importance to networking, which leads us to base our actions on strong crosscutting cooperation, mixing culture, social, informal education and third sector economy.
Mission and Objectives

All of our actions follow four fundamental principles:
- helping the beneficiaries rather than merely assisting them
- involving the beneficiaries in the project
- favouring local action
- combining non-profit values and professionalism
At the crossroads of culture, informal education and social and solidarity-based education, we combine innovation and interdisciplinarity:
- multidisciplinary dimension (all artistic fields are present)
- cross-sector dimension (the cultural sector helps promote other fields of activity such as education, integration, health, etc.)
- multi-territorial dimension (we adapt our actions to the features of the local and international places we work in)

Main Projects / Activities

Les Têtes de l'Art implment around 4-5 international projects per year, generally finaced by the European Comission throught their programmes like: Erasmus+, Horizon 2020...
Our local projects include:
Boulègue is an open TV which makes video-making available for all – local inhabitants, non-profit organizations, socio-cultural organizations, etc. – so as to contribute to a better social harmony. It offers the opportunity to modify the bad reputation of our neighborhood, to showcase the talents and initiatives which give the area its strength, to reinforce social cohesion, or simply to try a new activity, merely out of curiosity and the desire to meet new people… Boulègue is much more than a web TV or a traditional TV channel: it is a television that is more concerned with the way it is made than the way it is broadcast. It is made by well-intentioned people, professional or not! This TV is established in the district and its non-profit content belongs to everybody. Additional info: http://en.lestetesdelart.fr/boulegue-tv/
In 2014 Les Têtes de l’Art created “Europe à la barre” (“Trial Europe”). This dramatized trial aims to open a debate, to bring out questions and reflections about Europe’s major subjects like immigration, mobility, agriculture, health. In addition, it facilitates the understanding of the European Union’s role and range of action. The play seeks to stimulate the interest of the public to question the past and current events related to the European construction. We try to initiate reflections and critical thinking that can extend beyond the show.
Description of the project here : http://en.lestetesdelart.fr/justice-for-europe/ and videos from the play here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oiOxffLYLDw&list=PL08VESGdKWcaStSZw01tdh...
Through AJCM (Workshop of young citizens of the Mediterranean), we want to encourage, support and promote the civic engagement of young people in our Region while developing cultural cooperation in the Mediterranean area. Project's page: http://ajcmed.org/en/

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

We can contribute by sharing the skills and expertise in fields ranging from coaching for artists and small cultural associations, participatory media production, participatory projects, etc. We can carry out militant actions and raise awareness on current stakes and needs of the civil society. To rusume: for the exchange of good practices and information, participate at writing and implementing projects, promote the Anna Lindh network and members activities in our own national and international networks, participate in the national and international reunions...

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Growing and succeeding only makes sense if it goes along with sharing values and actions within a community, and we believe that Anna Lindh network is a dynamic and qualitative one. Most of the time, we achieve our project by working in close collaboration with other organisations which work in fields related or complementary to ours. It is this shared work that often ensures the quality and durability of our actions.
In the course of time, we have grasped the importance of having our voice and our beliefs heard on a collective and federated scale.

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Sam KHEBIZI (director)
Head of the organisation
Sam KHEBIZI: director
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Andreea Stetco
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International project manager