Libanonský klub v České republice (Lebanese Club in the Czech Republic)

National Network
Czech Republic

Žitná 45, 101 00 PRAHA 1
Praha 1

+420 272656474
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Organisation Type
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment
Fields of Activity
  1. Arts
  2. Heritage
  3. International/Cultural relations
  4. Media
  5. Youth and education
General Information
1) The Club is made of 7 board members: President, Vice-President, Head of External Affairs, Head of Cultural Affairs, Treasurer, & 2 reserve members. The Club has 2 internal auditors. All these work for the Club on pro bono basis. The Club has no paid staff. 2) The budgetary resources stem mainly from annual club membership fees; secondary resources are from entrance or participation fees of the club (they are re-invested into the club) 3) Sources of funding are the registered member’s of the club 4) The club is involved in cultural & social activities bringing the Czech-Lebanese communities closer together. These activities included: sports events (football, ping-pong matches, annual trick-track competition), social events (annual get-together party), cultural events: exhibitions, music events and poetry evenings. 5) The Club prefers to work with Czech based NGOs on events such as the Czech-Arab Association & the Multicultural Centre as well as universities.
Mission and Objectives

The Lebanese Club in the Czech Republic is a Czech NGO catering for the Czech-Lebanese Community. It is involved in cultural and social activities that bring the two communities closer together.

Main Projects / Activities

1)Sports events: annual football, ping-pong, trick-track matches.
3)Cultural events: exhibition, poetry recitals, public lectures and debates.
2)Social events: annual get-together party, musical concerts, poetry recitals and literature events.
All the events are open to members of the Club and the wider public. The Club stresses being involved within the Czech community hence often it joins events related to the above three organized by other like-minded NGOs.

Contact (1) Full Name
Mr. Hassan Ezzeddine
Head of the organisation
Mr. Hassan Ezzeddine
Contact (2) Full Name
Mr. Wafic Tahtah