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Life-Link Friendship-Schools Association

National Network: 
Uppsala Science Park
7518375183 Uppsala
+46 18504344
Telephone (other): 
+46-70-730 63 23
+46 (0)18 508503
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

This independent peace education programme was initiated 1987 as a Medical Doctor’s “antidote” to the pessimism documented among children in response to the prospect of nuclear war and environmental degradation. Today we have as proof the rich experience from students, teachers and schools worldwide that this programme can bring inspiration, hope and optimism for the future into the school’s curriculum.

We encourage Life-Link schools to communicate and coordinate Peace Actions globally. There are currently 786 schools in 92 countries committed to enacting peace through Life-Link

1. An Non Governmental Organisation. Board and board-members in the Uppsala-Stockholm region in Sweden. One part-time paid office secretary. 500 schools in 73 countries are active in local peace projects – no fee to Life-Link Sweden, Life-Link sends information material to the schools but no money.

2. Office budget around 30 000 Euro. Annual conference budget including participants world-wide expenditures: ~50 000 Euro.

3. Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs (Folke Bernadotte Academy), Private funds, Participating schools own expenditures, Individual Life-Link members.

4. Concrete peace actions performed by classes at 500 schools in 73 countries, reported to Schools&Actions. Annual international conferences / workshops.

5. Schools world-wide. Some Ministries of Education and some National UNESCO committees. UNESCO campaigns. Council of Europe North-South Centre.

Mission and Objectives: 

The Life-Link Friendship-Schools program is free of charge and is about schools doing something good for their community and environment while coordinating or sharing their actions with other schools.  The program is meant to:

a) Help the local community and environment.
b) Give students a sense of higher purpose and accomplishment.
c) Help foster international and intercultural relationships with the aim of improving international relations.

Mission: To produce a peace curriculum for schools with youth 12-19 years, this mission is done: Ethics build on the peace definition: Care for Myself – Care for Others – Care for Nature.

Objectives: Inspire and engage youth at schools world-wide in local peace actions and in communication with youth and schools in other cultures and countries – “Act locally and Think/feel globally”.

Life-Link stresses the importance of good planning when performing local short peace actions: Project Management – Lets Get Organised.

Main Projects / Activities: 

Peace actions performed by youth-teachers-parents-community experts. Life-Link serves with 50 proposed actions, each with a short guideline in the Life-Link Manual. Main language is English, and translations have been done into Arabic, Russian and Spanish.

The peace action reports, some with photos, introduced on the are a source for inspiration to other schools world-wide, sometimes leading to contacts/exchanges between schools.

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Contact (1) Full Name: 
Marie Save, Office Secretary
Head of the organisation: 
Lars Jonsson

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