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General Information
1. A non profit foundation with 5 board members and a director - Gail Pilgrim. Per project we work with a production office and freelancers. We are new so in the building up stage. 2. Our first project took place this May and had a budget of 70.000 euros. 3.Funding agencies: VSB, FPPM, PBCF, the city of Amsterdam, district council for the Amsterdam Centre 4. Festival of performing and visual arts, with debates, workshops, commissioned works, co productions. 5. Rozentheater, Marmoucha, Maghrebia, Mezrab Café 6. European Cultural Exchange Istanbul, Aziz Bekkaoui, Audiomaze
Mission and Objectives

LiteSide festival - Oriental Underground in Europe has the goal of sending out a positive message into the world showing the beauty and capacity for innovation of European artists using the culture from Islamic countries combined with the Western. A variety of artists and performers show 'cutting edge' work where West meets East. These artists have been chosen because their work reflects their 'origins' in an Islamic culture combined with the Western cultures that they live in creating a new urban’ expression that we all relate to. We use the word 'oriental' instead of 'Muslim' to underline that we are referring to art forms and culture and not religion.

Main Projects / Activities

LiteSide organizes a 4 day festival in Amsterdam mixing theater, dance, music, performance and visual art. Workshops and discussions are also part of the program. We mix local heroes with new comers, and non-Muslim with Muslim artists with in our program. We present new work, innovation, cross over. We also mix Club culture, eating and dancing with performance and exhibitions, multi disciplinary. Looking to the future! At this moment the artists presented are from European countries including Turkey. At a later stage we want to invite artists from around the other side of the Mediterranean. We commission new works to showcase young talent. We support emerging artists in their development. We want to provide a meeting point for artists with this cultural background from all over the region for exchange, feedback and support and eventually to create a touring circuit. Co-operations with other countries are welcome.

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Gail Pilgrim
Head of the organisation
Gail Pilgrim