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Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum

National Network: 
Vilniaus str. 41
LT-01119 Vilnius
370 5 262 24 06
Telephone (other): 
370 5 260 82 74
370 5 262 24 06
Mobile Phone: 
370 6 1403539
Mobile Phone (other): 
370 6 1548070
Organisation Type: 
Public Institution
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum

Structure of the organization:

Director, Chief Curator of Museum Collections, Deputy Director, Office Administrator, Visitors Service department (Head of the department, Cultural activity manager, Educational programs curator, Guards of exhibitions, Exhibition section (Designer and exhibitions installer)) (Theatre department (Head of the department and Museum Specialists), Cinema department (Head of the department and Museum Specialists), Music department (Head of the department and Museum Specialists), Art department (Head of the department and Museum Specialists), The department of collection accounting and storage (Head of the department, Photographer, Restorers, Accounting Department, Curator of literature collections, Maintenance Service. Museum in total has 47 employers.

Current projects are concerned with new exhibitions, digitization of Museum values, online exhibitons, researching and publishing materials on Lithuanian theatre, music and cinema  history.

Budget of our Museum is about 600000 EUR. The main source is Lithuanian goverment, Museum incomes, various funds, and sponsors.

Sourcers of funding: Various Programs financed by Ministry of Culture of the Respublic of Lithuanian, Lithuanian Council for Culture, EU programs, Norwegian Financial Mechanism (EEA-Grants - Norway Grants), sponsors and others. Main partners are other Museums in Lithuania, Lithuanian Museum Association, Lithuanian Art Museums (LAM) the Lithuanian Museums’ Centre for Information, Digitization and LIMIS ( LM CIDLIMIS), Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, National Drama Theatre, Martynas Mažvydas National Library of Lithuania other Theatre, Music organizations, Lithuanian Cinematography Union, Lithuanian Theatre Union other local institutions.

Mission and Objectives: 

Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum is unique museum in Republic with mission to accumulate, preserve, restore, research and popularize the most valuable heritage of Lithuanian and European culture history concerning theatre, music and cinema.

Objectives are to actualize old historical architecture of the Museum in order to accommodate it to cultural, social and economic needs of modern society and local community. To become open to historical and contemporary art processes, discussions, to become not only the guard of heritage, but also cultural and educational center, which would take part in developing of cultural possibilities, populiarization Lithuanian and Europe cultural heritage, be accessible to all social groups.

Main Projects / Activities: 

The material stored in the Museum reflects life, creation, and spiritual experience of Lithuanian artists. The Museum accumulates, preserves and examines showpieces related to the history of Lithuanian theatre, music, and cinema, organize evenings in commemoration of artists of these spheres, and exhibitions of collections, conducts exhaustive topical excursions and educational programs, prepare educational publications and consult visitors. Communicating with foreign institutions, international exhibitions are also held there to present significant artists of foreign countries. Modern art exhibitions are held there, and summers are especially rich with various events in the amphitheatre of the Museum. The Lithuanian Theatre, Music and Cinema Museum (LTMCM) is located in the Radvilai Palace in the heart of Vilnius Old Town. The museum collection consists of a wide variety of valuable Lithuanian and also European cultural heritage objects, reaching over 400.000 items. The main group of cultural heritage objects can be classified as paper objects, for instance programme sheets, posters, newsletters, photographs, manuscripts. Other representative groups are composed mainly by wood objects, such as valuable rare music instruments from 18th – 20th century, and metal objects. The collection includes films, vinyl, paintings, soud recording, textiles, such as valuable costumes from personal collections of renowned Lithuanian actors and actresses, among others.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

Emphasizing the cultural diversity and respect to other cultures through deepening understanding of different cultural roots of various cultural phenomena in music, theatre performances, drama, opera, cinema and certain kinds of audiovisual arts. Organizing exhibitions, conferences, cultural meetings and evenings, educational programs for kids, youth and other part of society. Spreading the idea of respect in cultural diversity in the books and published materials by the Museum.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

We hope that joining the ALF network we can share the idea of shared roots of high culture through the exhibitions, educational programs and etc. mainly baised on the music, theatre and cinema heritage which are preserved in our Museum. The great value for us is the possibility to find partners who support the same idea and share our good practice. Partners with whom it would be possible to develop and create new projects. The possibility to apply for financial support for the projects is the possibility to accomplish our ideas.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Auksė Kapočiūtė-Vaitkuvienė
Job Title: 
Deputy Director
Head of the organisation: 
Regina Lopienė
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Lauryna Lopaite
Job Title: 
Cultural Activity Manager

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