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General Information

MODE1 is a civil society organization dedicated to improving diversity, equality, and governance record of public bodies, private sector, local and regional government, academic sector, and other relevant stakeholders. We have a particularly strong background in gender equality, in education and in the workplace. Our interventions are based on the development of management tools and knowledge products that are conducive to measurable and sustainable progress in the areas of interest, and on cross-sector partnerships that guarantee sustainable impact. We partner with private sector, local, regional and central government, independent bodies, public bodies, and civil society organizations, in Croatia and abroad. Our organization is currently in transition towards additional areas of activities, primarily sustainable development and human rights. We are funded mostly through grants, but also through consulting services we offer to improve gender equality outcomes in public and private sector organizations, and via corporate sponsorships.

Mission and Objectives

The goals of MODE1 are, as follows: • To promote the sustainable development principles throughout the society, and their practical application in all sectors and by all social groups. • To promote and advocate for equality between men and women of all ages and in all segments of society, particularly in education and at work. • To empower women and girls, and to develop their ability to actively improve their personal, social, and economic position. • To empower men and boys, and to develop their ability to take on various social roles on equal terms, and to choose personal development paths that lead to self-realization, regardless of social expectations. • To advocate for the adoption and implementation of public policies and other initiatives that promote gender equality, as well as equality and inclusion of all social groups exposed to discrimination. • To promote active citizenship, and empower the citizens for participation in democratic processes. • To develop the ability of the society as a whole, and of all the stakeholders, to resolve effectively the issues that lead to inequality, discrimination, injustice, poverty, democratic deficits, and human rights violations. • To promote and develop the partnerships between public bodies, public and state institutions, independent bodies, private sector, public companies, local and regional administration, academic community, civil society, and other stakeholders, for the purpose of advancing social equality, rule of law, and sustainable development. • To advocate for and promote the principles and practices of good government, particularly evidence-based public policy formulation, and decision-making. • To promote and protect human and citizens' rights, and the democratic principles as the foundation of social relations. • To promote scientific, technological, and economic development, balanced with humanistic principles. • To promote the adoption of digital technologies in business and public administration, advance the citizens' digital skills, and to foster the adoption of ethical principles and rules in this area. • To promote entrepreneurship, social dialogue, social entrepreneurship, and corporate responsibility. • To promote particularly the entrepreneurship of women, and their economic emancipation. • To collaborate with like-minded organizations in Croatia, the EU, and worldwide in view of promoting these goals. (from the constitution adopted in 2021.)

Main Projects / Activities

Our principal activities in the past mid-term period included: (a) programs, consultancies, and collaborations related to female leadership in business, work-life balance, gender equality, and inclusion in the workplace; (b) projects dedicated to elimination of gender stereotypes in education, including those based on active engagement of elementary and secondary school students, and those engaging teachers as actors of change (e.g. our current project Kindle Equality where we developed Train the Trainer program for elementary school teachers:

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

As detailed above, we have a strong background in gender equality, particularly in education and in the workplace, and are willing to share our expertise with other Network members through joint activities. We also, due to professional capacities of our members, do have an extensive expertise in sustainable development, international development, and in business sector engagement, which we are also ready to offer in view of extending collaboration within the national and international network.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The members of MODE1 already have individual history of collaborating with various stakeholders in the geographic area covered by the initiative, mostly through UN system organizations. We are looking forward to the opportunity to expand this collaboration in terms of countries involved, the variety of organizations covered, and programmatic priorities addressed. We believe that the Mediterranean is the intuitive, although neglected, area for collaboration, and the one in which organizations from Croatia do have relevant input to offer, both due to our developmental experiences, and our current position on the crossroads between the EU and non-EU countries

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Dijana Kobas Dešković
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Dijana Kobas Dešković
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