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  1. Youth and education
General Information

The CGJL is the National Youth Council of Luxembourg and represents nearly 30 national youth organizations (unions, political parties, scout movements, youth clubs, etc.) in and outside of Luxembourg. The volunteers of CGJL's board and members of the professional staff are in charge of implementing the organization's triennial strategic plan/concept. While the volunteers are quite experienced in taking part and organizing international events or exchanges, the professional staff (4 full-time, 3 part-time) completes CGJL's expertise with their qualification and experience as policy officers and project leaders. Altogether, they have been taking part in many projects and activities targeting the quality of formal education and the social valuation of non formal education hence the work of the many volunteers in our society. The CGJL is a youth-led organization and it makes use of a national annual grant coming from the Ministry for Education, Children and Youth, additional to this we implement projects which are funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, where the CGJL is also active as the coordinator of the National Working Group in the context of the EU Youth Dialogue.

Mission and Objectives

As a representative of young people, the CGJL has always been a proven partner on the national level, giving young people the opportunity to interact with policy makers and to shape the policies touching the interests of youth in general. The persons taking part in this project are mainly involved in the CGJL’s activities throughout the year.

The CGJL is active in two fields: One is the promotion of youth participation by offering activities, projects and initiatives
to give all young individuals with different backgrounds the opportunity to gather knowledge about citizenship, society
itself and intercultural exchanges as well. Education is one of the pillars our NYC is built on, in this case the non formal
education. As the quality of education in and around school, formal and non formal education, play an important role in
the development of young people and their skills related to their future daily and professional life, we promote
implementation measures to shape an impactful education policy in Luxembourg and Europe.

On the other side, CGJL is promoting the interests of young people and its member organizations, by advocating on the national and international
levels, as a privileged partner of policy makers. The CGJL assumes its role as representative for youth by attending
international exchanges to gather valuable knowledge and best and good practices about youth participation on the
European level. Furthermore the CGJL engages in talks about the ongoing activities and advocacy work for youth of the
European Youth Forum, who gives a voice to millions of youngsters. The exchange platform planned for this project also
gives young people from Luxembourg and Europe the opportunity to get actively involved in the formulation and the
defense of their interests.

CGJL is also in charge of coordinating the EU Youth Dialogue in Luxembourg and its National Working Group, bringing
together youth from the multicultural context of Luxembourg, a country gathering people from more than 170 countries,
who live and work there.

Main Projects / Activities

Projects like the Citizen Rallye, the Youth Convention and the supervision of the National Youth Parliament, the National School Students Council and the United Nations Youth Delegates for Luxembourg programme are main activities implemented throughout the year on a regular basis.

Feel free to consult our activity report for further information >

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

By becoming a member, the CGJL could contribute to the network's membership outreach by promoting projects, activities and opportunities for young people in and around Luxembourg and Europe. The network could profit of the CGJL's expertise in the fields of youth engagement, volunteering and non-formal education, and join its projects and activities in order to promote intercultural values and awareness. Additional to this, the network's outreach to the organized and non-organized young people could benefit from the many organizations which gather under the umbrella of the National Youth Council.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

As the CGJL is quite active in and also aware of the many opportunities in the field of youth and youth engagement, we also see a need to broaden and enrich our activities, to learn from others in order to increase the outreach and the intercultural approach, especially to young people which are not in the typical focus of most of the activities in the field of youth. Luxembourg is a rich country, by which we mean rich in cultures, in knowledge and experience, often coming from different social and cultural backgrounds, a melting pot of human beings from all over the world.

Social cohesion and its promotion and defense in order to maintain it are key for our society's future developments. We are ready to take this opportunity and to accept the challenge, to learn as an organization, to prevent us from slowing down or even standing still when it comes to intercultural work in an with communities. A membership at FAL would also contribute to our own development, to create synergies with other civil organizations and public actors, in order to broaden the perspectives, especially when it comes to young people, who found their new home in Luxembourg and the youngsters with fewer opportunities. In the end, the field of non-formal education also includes intercultural education and learning, to which we want to learn from and contribute our part.

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Mathis Godefroid
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Chrystelle Brassinne, President
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Inês Batista
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Secretariat CGJL