Omega -transcultural Centre for mental and physical health and integration

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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Human rights
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General Information
Omega- transcultural Centre is an association with a Board of Members who have appointed a managing director who is incharge of the ongoing activities. Currently there are 33 staff members,3 consultants and 7 honorary workers. The yearly budget is between 1,2 and 1,5 million Euros. The main sources opf funding are the city council, state government,ministries and the EU. The main activities are counselling  and support for refugees and migrants, therapeutical support, interpreter services, language courses as well as mobile work in refugee shelters. The main partners are stake holders at a local political level, refugee office, Caritas, Diakonie, shelter workers, NGO's working in related fields etc.
Mission and Objectives

Omega - transcultural Centre for mental and physical health and integration was grounded in the year 1995 and began its work in the field of mental and physical health care and integration measures for refugees and other immigrants. Omega Health Care Centre was renamed in 2009 and is now called Omega – transcultural Centre for mental and physical health and integration. Omega is a non governmental, politically independent and non-profit organisation whose main objective is to provide care, assistance and treatment using a family oriented approach for persons who are victims of Violence as well as Human Rights Violations.
Omega is a provider of medical, psychological and social counselling, as well as a treatment centre for refugees and other victims of violence. Community based psychosocial programmes for children, adolescents and women are a vital part of the services that are being offered by Omega.
The main mission of the organization is to bridge the gap between refugees and migrants who are new in the country and the existing mainstream services. Very often such persons do not have sufficient information and support in order to use mainstream services. An important aspect is also to carry out lobbying activities in order to influence public opinion regarding the needs of refugees and migrants.

Main Projects / Activities

Current Projects:
Medical, psychological, psychiatric psychotherapeutic and psychosocial counselling and treatment
Open counselling
Psychiatric-social counselling
Counselling in the mother tongue
Interpreter services
Social Work
Integration assistance
Mobile services
Crisis intervention
Specific projects concerning migration and health, community and integration, improving language skills of migrants in order to enhance chances of employment, training multipliers in the areas of violence prevention and women's health, sport activities for young refugees etc.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Omega has gathered a considerable amount of experience and know how in the work with refugees and migrants. The activities are broad and very often based on a good cooperation with members of local networks. Omega can contribute to the network in various ways.

providing expertise in the areas of intercultural competency

Exchange of knowledge as well as good practice


providing access to networks

offering seminars and training

participating in information campaigns and public awareness raising activities

participating in surveys and research activities

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Ever since we came to know ot the ALF, we have been gathering information about its work and as a human rights organization working with refugees and migrants, we are often confronted with the need to find a broader base on a national level in order to discuss common needs and problems as well as find solutions which are valid for all. The work that Omega is carrying out is important but is mostly active only at a local level. Thus much of the work is not transparent. Further, belonging to a large network at a national level  is of advantage to small organizations like ours. It is possible to develop wider perspectives and be innovative with ideas and solutions. There are many more possiblities to benefit from the expereinces made by others in the network.Experience has shown that being a part of a national network can influence policy making more easily than individual organizations. We think that we can contribute to the network as well as benefit from being a part of it.

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Dr. med. Emir Kuljuh
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Managing Director
Head of the organisation
Edwin Benko
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Usha Sundaresan M.A
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Social Manager