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Pan Intercultural Arts

National Network: 
United Kingdom
32 O'Donnell Court
Brunswick Square
United Kingdom
+44 (0)2078332111
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Mobile Phone: 
+44 (0)7968877405 (John Martin)
Mobile Phone (other): 
+44 (0)7543507584 (Laura Cowan)
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
Fields of Activity: 
General Information: 

Governed by a board of 11 trustees. 1 full-time member of staff, 2 part-time PAYE staff, 5 contracted self-employed staff. Project artists on a contractual basis. 15 volunteers per year. Trusts and Foundations make up 85% of income: City Bridge Trust, St Andrew’s Holborn, Big Lottery Fund, Heritage Lottery Fund, Santander Foundation, Mercer’s Charitable Trust, Comic Relief for 2012/2013

3 main arts programmes:

  • 1/ Refugee Youth Arts: 3 projects including Fortune (young refugee theatre), Amies (trafficked and abused women), Pangaea (refugee unaccompanied-minors)
  • 2/ Arts Against Violence (2 projects): Weapon of Choice, Synergy Integration arts project. (Both access hard to reach young people at risk of crime, gang-related violence and in transition)
  • 3/ International Theatre for Development: Projects in Burma, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Sudan and India. British Council, International Red Cross (international projects), Camden Council, Freedom From Torture, Refugee Council, Camden Metropolitan Police, Roundhouse, Medaille Trust, Ecpat, local youth organisations and youth centres, social services for children and young people in Southwark, Hackney, Camden, Islington and Lambeth
Mission and Objectives: 

Pan Intercultural Arts aim to:

  • Engender understanding, respect and social harmony between communities
  • Give a voice to those who are often not heard in society
  • Empower individuals in marginalised communities
  • Rehearse alternatives to the negative futures faced by our beneficiaries
  • Build personal development through creativity, skills development and training/employment opportunities

We do this by (objectives):

  • Delivering high quality arts programmes using a range of creative arts techniques.
  • Working with marginalised groups including refugees, asylum seekers, trafficked and abused women, young people at risk of social exclusion, care leavers, young offenders and young people not in education, employment or training.
  • Working across ethnic, cultural and faith boundaries.
  • Working in partnership with refugee, youth and social-service organisations.
  • Delivering Theatre for Development training for international NGOs.
Main Projects / Activities: 

Services include:

  • Creative arts projects use drama, dance, music, film, creative writing and visual arts to develop self-confidence, understanding and transferable skills leading to further education, employment or training.
  • Youth-leadership training enables peer to peer support making our projects more accessible for hard-to-reach individuals.
  • Interactive performances to explore challenging social issues and find positive alternatives for the futures of marginalised individuals and communities.

Current projects:

  • Weapon of Choice - interactive youth theatre gun and knife crime project
  • Amies - works creatively with trafficked and abused women
  • Refugee Youth Arts – creative respite for young refugees and asylum seekers.
  • Synergy works with at risk young people to realise ambitions and talents.
  • Young Rights - working with vulnerable young people to research the legacy of young people's human rights.
  • International Theatre for Development - projects in Sri Lanka and Burma. Self-sustaining projects ensuring impact is longstanding.
How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

We can contribute sharing best-practice, creative participation training and 20 years experience in using a range of art forms to engage, inspire and empower marginalised communities around the globe. We are regularly commissioned by British Council and international NGOs to train and implement projects in international communities affected by conflict and natural disaster to use the arts for social change. We have 2 publications about Theatre for Development. We believe in sharing best-practice with partner organisations and we are committed to devising and delivering successful projects that can empower participants to find their voices through the arts. We work with people from all cultures and religions to encourage a world where we respect and understand each other's lives, discovering the possibilities of our rich diversity.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

Establish fruitful partnerships, share best practices and apply for grants to pursue our mission.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
John Martin
Job Title: 
Artistic Director
Head of the organisation: 
John Martin
Contact (2) Full Name: 
Laura Cowan
Job Title: 
Development Officer

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