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Peers Bridge AB

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Bjäregatan 4
25248 Helsingborg
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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information: 

Peers Bridge has a unique approach by offering innovative and interactive workshops and courses in different languages according to market’s demand. The course will support struggling immigrants in Skåne region to integrate into the unfamiliar hosting culture. With sustainability and the UN Sustainable Development Goals (UN SDGs) at the core of our work, we believe in an inclusive approach toward globally shared goals to build bridges over cultural conflicts and "no one will be left behind".

The courses will empower the participants by obtaining a new perspective and knowledge to develop social skills and competencies in a Swedish context. With these skills and competencies, the participants will be able to establish a common understanding and create shared values with others.

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Mission and Objectives: 


Our mission is to promote an inclusive and diverse society toward sustainability through interactive and creative educational workshops and experiences. Enabling our participants to adopt openness and contribute to equality in all aspects. We set the Global Goals as our core values leading us to an innovative working environment and sustainable growth.


Developing a successful and innovative integration methodology by incorporating the global goals as shared values between immigrants and inhabitants in Skåne region for a diverse flourishing society.

Main Projects / Activities: 

We offer an innovative cultural integration workshops by combining different learning methods.  

Workshop 1: Introduction to Sustainable Development
The workshop aims to help participants to adopt and contribute to the global goals as shared values with others from different background. After completing the workshop, the participants will:
• realize today’s economic, social and environmental challenges.
• understand “Sustainability” as a term and a concept, it’s importance and how it is self-related.
• be able to explain the 17 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, their importance and how they are self-related.
• learn how to devise ways in which he/she can contribute to the Global Goals as shared values.

Workshop 2: Stereotyping, Prejudice and Discrimination
The workshop aims to help participants to be aware of and eliminate any prejudice or discriminating behavior toward others with different background. After completing the workshop, the participants will:
• be prepared to live and work in a new hosting culture.
• come to understand the meaning and impact of culture.
• demonstrate how one’s feelings of attachment to a given culture are learned though the processes of socialization, and that one’s tendency to judge other cultures is based on one’s own cultural perspective.
• Be aware of the extent to which cultures can vary (cultural difference) and work through these differences.
• come to appreciate cultural diversity and examine their attitudes and behaviors towards others who are ‘different’ than themselves.

Workshop 3: Reduced Inequalities (Global Goal 10)

Workshop 4: Gender Equality (Global Goal 5)
The workshop aims to help the participants to recognize the benefits of gender equality in their personal, professional and social life. After completing the workshop, the participants will:
• Identify gender inequality and its negative impact
• Understand that gender equality is essential for sustainable social and economic development.
• Acknowledge that gender is a social construction that defines the roles and relations of men and women.
• Recognize the negative effect of hierarchy in a family structure.
• Understand the Swedish gender equality perspective and family structure.
• Realize the benefits of gender equality from different aspects.

Workshop 5: Gender and Sexual Orientation
The workshop aims to eliminate any prejudice or discriminating behavior toward others with different gender identity and sexual orientation. After completing the workshop, the participants will:
• Be aware of how norms play a role in perceiving what normal versus abnormal.
• Realize that a spectrum of gender identity and sexual orientation exists.
• Distinguish between gender, sex and expression.
• Acknowledge intersex as a natural phenomenon from a scientific perspective, and how culture norms affect them.
• Recognize Gender Dysphoria or Gender Identity Disorder and its impact on transgenders. (To be changed to Gender Incongruence)
• Understand that transgender/transsexual is a natural phenomenon and learn how to deal them.
• Realize that homosexual behavior is part of nature and eliminate negative stereotypes about them..

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Faisal Albinali
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Faisal Albinali
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Charbel Tawk
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