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People in Need (PIN)

National Network: 
Czech Republic
Safarikova 24
Prague 2
Czech Republic
+420 226 200 481
Telephone (other): 
+420 226 200 408
+420 226 200 401
Mobile Phone: 
+420 777 787 961
Mobile Phone (other): 
+420 777 787 531
Organisation Type: 
Non-Governmental Organization
Year of Establishment: 
General Information: 

People in Need (PIN) is one of the largest organizations of its kind in post-communist Europe, and has administered projects in 50 countries over the past 19 years. PIN’s Relief and Development Department employs 36 people on its Headquarters in Prague (management, desk officers, finance and accounting, internal auditor, fundraising), 47 expatriates in programme countries and 475 local employees. PIN’s human rights department employs 19 people on its Headquarters in Prague and cooperates with numerous NGOs and individuals in 10 countries.
Currently, PIN’s most important donors are Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, EuropeAid, ECHO, Alliance 2015, USAID, UN Agencies, PIN fundraising and other governmental donors. Turnover of the whole organisation in the year 2010 was according to the audit report 20,3 million EUR. PIN has its own accounting department, which went through general procedure audit by ECHO and UN.
The organisation has experience with managing projects with total budget up to 2 million EUR, both through direct implementation and through various local partners.

Mission and Objectives: 

PIN was founded in 1992 by leaders of the Czechoslovak Velvet Revolution, dissidents and journalists as a humanitarian organization to help people in crisis situations around the world and to support the implementation of human rights. Next to the humanitarian assistance and development cooperation, PIN implements projects focused on transformation to democracy, support of civil society and good governance, using documentary movies to point out violation of human rights and to support global education. During almost 20 years of its existence, PIN has developed many public awareness campaigns aimed at providing independent and unbiased information for journalists, opinion makers and the general public. Through campaigns, information projects and media supplements PIN believes it is possible to support an informed and empowered civil society both at home and abroad. People in Need also believes that cooperation is essential in order to meaningfully contribute to offering solutions to the world’s problems. PIN is an active partner in Alliance 2015, the Czech Forum for Development Cooperation (FoRS), the European Union Monitoring Center (EUMC), Eurostep and with Concord.

Main Projects / Activities: 

In 2010, PIN implemented humanitarian and development projects in 28 countries, in 14 countries has established permanent mission. People in Need works in four main areas. It:
- provides relief aid and development assistance in following sectors: Humanitarian assistance and rehabilitation programmes in catastrophe or conflict affected countries, Education (access and quality of education, emergency education), Health and social services (maternal health, prevention of HIV/AIDS, support to orphans, disabled and palliative care), Food security and livelihoods (both emergency and long term development food security including quality improvement of agriculture, income generation activities, value chain, support to local production, marketing etc.), Water, sanitation and hygiene, Good governance and support to civil society, Environment (nature resource management, promotion of sustainable energy sources, re-forestation);
- defends human rights and democratic freedom mostly through support to civil society, including non-governmental organisations, journalists, lawyers, youth, school teachers, disidents in the countries where opposition is persecuted etc.;
- administers social integration programs in the Czech Republic and Slovakia;
- provides informative and educational activities.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?: 

PIN, as a biggest NGO in the Czech Republic, is since its establishment active in public awareness in the field of development cooperation and human rights, lobbying for increase of a public budget for development cooperation, implementation of social integration programs and informative and educational activities for the Czech public. PIN can share its experience, coordinate its activities and cooperate with other Network members.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?: 

PIN already started projects focused on strengthening civil society in the “Arab spring” countries using its experience with similar programmes in numerous countries including Mediterranean region, Europe and Asia (Libya, Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Armenia, Belarus, Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Burma) and also experience with transformation process in the Czech Republic in last 20 years. PIN is also already a member of several Czech and European networks/platforms as it believes that only coordinated and joint actions have sufficient effect and keep the costs at low levels. By joining ALF Network, PIN aims to be more active actor in supporting civil society in Mediterranean region.

Contact (1) Full Name: 
Klara Bednarova
Head of the organisation: 
Simon Panek, Director