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Non-Governmental Organization
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  1. Democracy and community development
  2. Gender
  3. Human rights
  4. International/Cultural relations
  5. Media
  6. Others
  7. Youth and education
General Information
Founding works of Pi Youth Association started on March 14 in 2014 (Pi= 3, 14). 6 mission topics were determined in accordance with the development in the world-Europe and the requirement of our youth. It was founded for the youth’s progress of capacity, helping for developing positive behavior/ attitude, contributing to knowledge and skill of the youth and carrying on works aimed at solution of the youth’s problem. Pi Youth Association carries out activities regularly for their young members and volunteers. Besides it produces and conducts national projects, develops partnership on the determined 6 mission topics. Especially the youth in particular to classified as woman, person with disability, refugee, minority and in disadvantaged on the subject of sociality, economy, geography etc. – each individual who lives in Turkey ( between 15- 30 years) is focus group of Pi Youth Association  
Mission and Objectives

We are sustaining 6 mission which we identified for youth and other associations which are working on youth working area.These missions are civil society capacıty building,technology based development,helathy life,time for volunteering,social media analysis and the youth rıghts and problems.

Main Projects / Activities

Our association, which carries on capacity building activities for civil society organisations that are active on the field of youth, produces and apply projects, and builds partnerships. It also ascertains deficiencies of the civil society organisations (NGO- Non-governmental organisation) and tries to fill these deficiencies.
For development, economic capacity should also be increased. This is a problem which can be solved by improving service or products with high added values. We are carrying out activities to develop the society in which the youth lives with high added values technology products/services.
A healthy society consists of healthy individuals. In order to guarantee the society health in the future, the youth should be provided to have a positive manner and behaviour about a healthy life. For the purpose of contribution, Pi Youth Association carries out projects about this topic, too.
While Pi Youth Association tries to involve more youngsters to civil society works and make volunteering more common escpecially among youngsters, it also carries out several awareness-raising and disemination activities in order to keep the volunteering sustainable. Time for volunteering is about how many hours you take part in voluntary work in a week.
Recent fast development in technology has led to emerge the concept of social media. Now, social media is so common that it has become a field which exercises influnce over the youth for 24 hours. Hence, it has a big effect on the youngsters. This field, where they can reach anything in an easy and fast way, is a kind of field that each institution working on youth activities should have knowledge about it.
Education, access to information, minority youngsters, young women, disabled youngsters, the youth rights, the youth problems, the youth policy being in the first place, particularly for the disadvantaged ones among 15-30 years old, any kind of projects, activities and events are in Pi Youth Association’s line.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Our associaition has experiences about Erasmus Plus ,Turkey-German Youth Bridge which are presenting facilities to young people for cultural interaction and so on.. We want use these experiences for other networks.Furthermore we want to implement our local projects which are based on active participation of young people to social life and young people's rights.Our association works based on projects.Not only we apply for projects but also we conduct many works on local which are regarding with our missions.We want to carry out our experience which are  our missions,management of volunteering,visibility and extensification, with members of this network.By the way we can also carry out this network's activities on local with support of public and private sector

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

We are aware of importance of participating to either  local and international networks and sharing of experiences and informations on these network.After we participate to Anna Lindth Foundation we will enlarge our capacity about democracy,human rights,media and cultural interaction and we will produce more projects.Also we will  facilitate from experiences and informations of these associations which are members of Anne Lindth Foundation with conducting projects and making partnerships also we will have chance to conduct new project with these associations.We will have chance to spread our local activities to international area and we will be informed about other projects which are carrying out on different areas and we will have chance to conduct these projects on our local area.

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Begum Intepeler