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Non-Governmental Organization
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General Information
The Foundation is headed by the President in cooperation with the Vice-President. PROMENA relies on a staff that conducts daily activities. The number of people changes every 4-6 months, as all of them are volunteers, but the organization aims to have at least 1 remunerate staff member in order to guarantee the continuity of the projects. The staff includes a project manager, project assistants, communications advisor and a staff writer. Since PROMENA is an NGO, its resources exclusively depend on funding opportunities, grants and donations. PROMENA works on a project by project basis and aims to organize numerous events throughout the year. Currently, the organization is organizing a Roundtable discussing the importance of preserving the intangible cultural heritage and Arab Fashion show. Finally, the organization aims to partner up with universities, student associations, cultural organizations and individuals who can contribute their expertise and resources to our projects.
Mission and Objectives

PROMENA’s mission is to promote the cultural richness and diversity of the Middle East and North African (MENA) region by expanding knowledge through artistic and academic events in the Netherlands.
In PROMENA Foundation we believe that cultural awareness and knowledge are the keys to challenge the negative stereotypes and misconceptions about the Arab-Muslim world, and more specifically about the MENA region. Because of this, the organization seeks to create innovative events in the Netherlands where opinion leaders, young professionals, artists, and experts from all different backgrounds participate in respectful discussions. PROMENA aims to create an environment where differences are put aside to make way for cultural richness and the diversity of the MENA region to take the main stage.

Main Projects / Activities

PROMENA Foundation works to encourage an informed, critical and respectful dialogue about the cultural diversity and richness of the MENA region by creating events such as: conferences, workshops, seminars and cultural programs. Currently, PROMENA Foundation is organizing two cultural programs for the first half of the next year.
The first event, ‘Memories from home: What we hold on to’, aims to explore the state of Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) of the Middle East and North African (MENA) region, in the context the current migration crisis. Taking oral tradition and performing arts as our focus, this event brings together experts/artists to highlight examples of heritage, aiming to create awareness about the importance of preserving them among refugee communities in The Netherlands and by showing the Dutch public the richness of their culture.

The second event is an ‘Arabic Fashion Show’. The objective is to bring together Dutch and Arab Designers, to create design pieces that represent a fusion of the two cultures. The goal of this fashion show is to create an intercultural dialogue through fashion design.

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

PROMENA Foundation’s events, in the Netherlands, are intended to bring together opinion leaders, young professionals, artist and experts from different backgrounds, since they are the group most poised to create change within Europe. Therefore, the organization wants to nudge this group of people towards a positive shift in the current European context. 

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

Under the direction of Ms. Eveline J.A. America (2nd November 2011 – 31st October 2016), Foundation FONDEMA was part of the ALF Network in The Netherlands. As a member of the ALF, the foundation organized cultural events - ‘ReciPeace for Dialogue: Shaping Diverse Societies through Culture, Youth and Education’ in May 2013 and ‘Connecting through Art’ in June 2014 - with the support of the consortium.

However, on 31st October 2016, Foundation FONDEMA closed its doors in the country, and PROMENA Foundation took over the task of promoting the MENA region in The Netherlands with a new, clear and improved mission and vision. In order to do so, PROMENA Foundation considers an honor to be a member of the ALF network and hopes to keep creating inspiring and meaningful events in collaboration with such a prestigious organization.

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Ms. Eveline J.A. AMERICA
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Founder and President / Treasurer
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Ms. Eveline J.A. AMERICA
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Founder and Vice-President/ Secretary