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General Information
10-20 Association members organized in 5 departments (Food and Wellness, Art and Culture, Protection of Mediterranean identities, Law and Society, Economy and Development) develop on a voluntary basis research projects focusing on various aspects of the Mediterranean identities through seminars, international conferences, publications and public events. The Association relies on project-based fund-raising from public and private (national and international) sources and sponsors. Partners that have cooperated in the organization of our projects are:  EUROPEAN COMMISSION  EUROPEAN PARLIAMENT  MAECI MUNICIPALITY OF ROME LAZIO REGION FRIEDRICH EBERT FOUNDATION (FES) UNIVERSITY NETWORK FOR THE MEMORIAL DAY JEWISH COMMUNITIES OF NAPLES AND ROME UCEI NEGOTIATION SUPPORT UNIT OF THE PLO (RAMALLAH) FOUNDATION OF THE SHOAH MUSEUM IN ROME EMBASSIES OF POLAND, ROMANIA, ISRAEL IN ROME PRESIDENT OF THE ITALIAN REPUBLIC PITIGLIANI ITALIAN JEWISH CENTER SAPIENZA UNIVERSITY TOR VERGATA UNIVERSITY UNIVERSITY OF CALABRIA MEDITERRANEAN PARLIAMENTARY ASSEMBLY (PAM) EURISPES
Mission and Objectives

Our Association, established in 2000, aims at building and promoting activities and research about cultural, political and religious experiences, with regard to the forms of coexistence of the Mediterranean peoples. We develop proposals to identify and revalue the countless identities that characterize the Mediterranean area, trusting that knowledge of the respective collective identities may foster mutual understanding, and reduce controversies between local groups, both in war and in peace.
In order to understand the deep causes of conflicts in the area and to facilitate a solution, our research work is based on the study of the Statalist and the Glocalist Western-born models of collective identity. From this innovative perspective, our Association develops research and analysis discussed in international seminars and conferences, also in collaboration with other Italian and foreign associations and research institutions.

Main Projects / Activities

The Association's main projects are:

The Jerusalem Holy Places Center (JHPC) project, a number of Israeli-Palestinian Seminars behind closed doors in order to study and analyze the complex reality of Jerusalem, in particular related to the rights of access and worship belonging to the different religious communities in their respective Holy Places

Identity and Development of th Mediterranean Basin, including the organization of conferences and seminars in cooperation with national and foreign research institutes, universities and experts such as the February 26-27, 2015, international Symposium "A New UE-US Marshall Plan for the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern area: Economic Development and Cooperation Policies", and the two follow-up seminars on April 23 and May 14, 2015, both held in Rome

Identity and Awareness, organization of the Sacharov Prize's launch event for the freedom of thought 2012, including a Round Table: "The European Parliament promoter of the freedom of expression beyond the UE boundaries" and the theatre performance "Infinito Futuro". directed by Antonio Sanna.

Identity and Prevention, organization of  seminars on balanced, natural and traditional nutrition, vital energy and psyco-emotional wellness

Identity and Responsability, organization of a Round Table: "The Responsability between individual and collective identity" and the theatre performance "Ella's secret", directed by Harris Freedman, both held in Rome on January 27, 2013

Identity and Theatre,  organization of the interactive workshop "Awareness of our self and body", under the artistic direction of Claudia Borioni

Identity and Rebirth, organization of the following activities: January 26th, 2014 (Rome): Roundtable with Italian, Jewish and European Institutions for the International Holocaust Remembrance Day, with the Exhibit “Who saves a life, saves the whole world. The Shoah, Israel and the Righteous among the nations”, under the supervision of Paolo Coen (Professor of Modern Art History at the University of Calabria),

Food and Wellness, planned creation of an Indenty Restaurant based on the natural five-flavours and balanced cooking traditions

How can you contribute to the Network in your country?

Mediterranean Perspectives intends to give its contribution to the Italian ALF National Network in the context of the "Greater Mediterranean" by raising awareness about the social, economic, political and cultural impact of the countless collective identities existing in the Mediterranean area.
As a result of our meetings and studies, and as a practical contribution to the solution of the conflicts that plague the Mediterranean, in particular the Middle East, the Association aims at providing methodological tools for future experts and/or negotiators to-be in order to foster the dialogue at cultural, social and political level between the Mediterranean societies
The Israeli-Palestinian issue often influence the Mediterranean area. In 2006 Mediterranean Perspectives started a series of meetings behind closed doors, still in progress, aimed at analyzing issues related to the management of the Jerusalem’s Holy Places, often a source of political manipulation in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations.
In this context, Mediterranean Perspective launched a negotiating methodology based on a deep and detailed study of all the rules applied to Jerusalem’s Holy Places and to the Status Quo between the recognized communities in the area. The Israeli and Palestinian experts attending the seminars agreed on a shared glossary of the most controversial terms and on the formulation of policy options, with the common goal to respect each other respective identity.

Why do you want to join the ALF Network?

The Association is applying to join the ALF Network in order to share knowledge, information, ideas, multidisciplinary research projects as well as to develop contacts with partners working in this field. Through a closer involvement with the ALF activities and projects the Association intends to strengthen relations with other partners, in order to broaden its research and exchange expertise as well as opportunities.
Moreover, we would like to benefit from ALF support in order to get information and advice about grants and funds opportunities.

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